What should I pay attention to in the design of the steel structure plant?

Compared with the traditional architectural model, its superiority has been favored by many companies. So, what should I pay attention to in the design of the room?

Design instructions:

The first problem to solve the problem in the design of the steel structure plant is the problem of load -bearing. The steel structure plant shall bear building loads, rain, dust, wind, snow loads and maintenance loads.

The carrying capacity of the metal sheet is related to the characteristics, strength, thickness, and power transfer of the ripple metal plate. Follow the PUR column. Therefore, when designing the factory, pay attention to the issue of carrying capacity.

Structural type of steel building plant

The top panel can use ripple metal layer and cold curved steel plate.

For a factory building without a crane, the main stand can adopt a variable section Build-A-NATIONAL-HIGH-Final-Structal-Material-InDustry-Base . The beam -type column is a variant section, the bottom of the column is hinged, and the economy is reliable.

Factions with cranes, the cross -sectional area of \u200b\u200bthese columns should not be variable, but should be uniform. Moreover, steel beams can have variable cross -section, column base is rigid connection, safe and economical.

Building steel lighting design.

The area of \u200b\u200bhuge steel structure, lighting is also a big problem. Especially in certain industrial plants, lighting is an essential equipment. During the day, use lamps to improve indoor lighting and save energy.

Place the lamp plate or glass on a specific location of the metal roof. The service life of the window sill should be the same as the metal top board. The seams of lighting boards and metal top boards should be waterproof.

moisture -proof

Summer is the rainy season. To prevent the water steam from flowing from the bottom of the metal top, the water steam on the metal top plate must be removed.

The surface of the metal cover should be filled with insulating cotton, and the waterproof membrane is spread on the bottom plate of the metal cover. The metal top has a ventilation device for moisture prevention.

Building steel structure fire prevention.

The fire problem should be considered when designing. When using a steel structure plant, there was a major hidden danger when it encountered a fire.

When the temperature of the component exceeds the prescribed temperature, the strength and yield strength of the component are reduced, and a collapse accident is prone to occur.

For this reason, the steel structure plant needs to be sprayed with fireproof materials to improve the fire resistance of the building in the fire.

sound insulation

Noise is an inevitable problem in the production and construction process. Steel buildings can prevent indoor and outdoor sound transmission.

The sound insulation material is filled at the top of the metal room (usually made of sound insulation cotton), and the sound insulation effect is represented by the sound intensity of the sound strength on both sides of the metal roof.

The sound insulation effect depends on the density and thickness of the sound insulation material. The sound insulation materials have different blocking effects of different frequencies, which is worth noting.

The insulation layer

The factory should also pay attention to the insulation of the steel structure. If the steel structure plant is built in a cold area, the warmth must be considered in winter.

Fill the thermal insulation with metal roof panels (usually glass wool and rock wool) to achieve thermal insulation material.

Insulation, it depends on the following factors: thermal cotton raw materials, density and thickness. The humidity of the thermal cotton, the connection method of the metal top and the underlying structure (anti -cold bridge). Use the heat dissipation power on the top of the metal again.

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