Villa House

LGSF is a modern technology building material, designed for the construction of prefabricated buildings and structures.

Container House

Homes made from the steel shipping containers. From these giant Lego blocks, people are building homes of all shapes and sizes.

Prefab House

The camp has the characteristics of fast construction, safe and stable, can be packaged and transported, and can be disassembled and used repeatedly.
A Professional Steel Building Provider

Together, we will build
your ideal space

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In house design

Our experienced engineers can provide professional advice and excellent design.

Professional Fabrication

Our advanced automatic equipment and skilled welders can ensure the excellent quality of products.

Quality guaranteed

We have a professional QC team, our QC team will carry out strict inspection of the whole process to ensure that we provide you with qualified products.

Ttimely Shipment

Our large production capacity ensures timely delivery of products.

Installation Guide

We have professional engineers to provide installation guidance.

After-sales service

Relieve your after-sales worries.

successful projects & satisfied customers.


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