Build a national high-end metal structure material industry base

These days, in the production plant of Sichuan Liuhe special metal materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Liuhe special materials), a group of technical experts from Germany are busy installing and debugging German equipment of nearly 100 million yuan purchased by enterprises. “China’s epidemic prevention and control is very good, and Jiangyou’s enterprises are also very professional.” milanluisalejandro, a German equipment engineer, said with emotion about this trip to China.

Liuhe special material was originally an enterprise producing steam turbine blade steel. With the development of the national economic situation, the market demand for aviation, aerospace and ship engines is increasing. Liuhe special material aims at the market direction, transforming from the former main production of steam turbine blade steel to the production of engine steel. “We still need to focus on the market. Where the market is, our transformation direction is where”. Hongyuchun, deputy general manager of Liuhe special materials Co., Ltd., said.

Transformation means more investment. By the end of 2019, Liuhe special materials invested 870million in the aviation alloy and high-end die steel projects, including 270Million in the forging workshop.

“The original forging machine tonnage of the enterprise is more than 2000 tons, which can not meet the one-time forming of high-temperature alloy and high deformation resistant materials. The tonnage of this batch of large forging machines purchased from Germany has reached 6000 tons, which is three times the original capacity.” Hou Rongguang, director of the comprehensive management department of Liuhe special materials, introduced that “after the completion of the entire technical transformation and upgrading project of Liuhe special materials, the entire aviation gas turbine technical transformation project of the Liuhe special smelting, rapid forging and continuous rolling production line will form a comprehensive capacity. In the next two to three years, our sales revenue will reach about 1.5 billion yuan, which will be doubled on the basis of more than 8 billion yuan now”.

While Liuhe special materials accelerates the transformation and upgrading, Jiangyou Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is also conducting factory tests on the newly developed pressure pipe components of Dongfang motor supercritical unit in its own laboratory.

“This component should be operated continuously in a working environment of about 500 ℃. After 100 hours of high-temperature endurance test, the materials will be sent to Dongfang turbine works, mainly used on supercritical and ultra supercritical units of Dongfang turbine works, which will bring our company more than 10 million yuan of profit income,” said dengjining, general manager of Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

It is understood that in the past, this kind of experiment could only be completed by going to a third-party testing institution, which was not only costly but also delayed a lot of time. Changxiang people who love to fight and dare to work have invested 20million yuan to purchase 5 sets of chemical composition testing equipment, 10 sets of physical testing machines and metallographic microscopes. They have cooperated with Gangyan nake Testing Technology Co., Ltd. and the national iron and steel material testing center. In this way, Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can directly detect and analyze the chemical composition and normal temperature mechanical properties of special steel materials in the plant.

Because of the unremitting pursuit of product quality, Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has received an order from CNOOC for 500 tons of downhole stainless steel forgings, with a total price of more than 20 million. Dengjining said, “because the stainless steel used for offshore drilling platforms must withstand the high pressure and erosion of sea salt and sea water, these projects also forced us to carry out further technical transformation and upgrading. Our success in these projects is equivalent to entering the stainless steel market of international offshore oil drilling platforms.”.

In addition, at the southwest steel supermarket of Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Changxiang people who are good at innovation are also preparing to put a two-dimensional code on each piece of steel produced by themselves. “When a customer scans the QR code with his mobile phone, he immediately reflects the properties and content of this material, which is equivalent to affixing an ID card to each piece of Changxiang steel,” said gejun, deputy general manager of Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Liuhe special materials and Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is just a silhouette of Jiangyou’s industrial development. In recent years, according to the decision and deployment of Mianyang municipal Party committee and government on giving priority to the development of advanced manufacturing industry, Jiangyou has seriously implemented the requirements of “specialization, intensification and marketization”, centered on the high-tech Development Zone, and based on the local industrial foundation, resource endowment and comparative advantages in accordance with the principle of precise positioning and highlighting characteristics, Through technological innovation, product innovation, business type innovation, brand innovation, management innovation and business model innovation, we will speed up the continuous transformation of old and new kinetic energy, fully promote the development of Jiangyou advanced structural materials industry, strive to build Jiangyou into a national high-end metal structural materials industrial base in five years, and provide strong support for the construction of China’s science and technology city and a strong western advanced manufacturing city.

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