Steel structure plant ventilation sunroof

The ventilation sunroof of the steel structure plant, the ventilation problem of the steel structure plant has always been a problem that plagues many steel structure factories.Due to the rise in steel prices now, the cost of steel composition has also increased accordingly.In order to save production costs, some simple measures will be used during the construction process for ventilation.So today I will talk to you about the reasons for \”the air circulation in the steel structure workshop is poorly circulated 1. The air inlet position settings are unreasonable. Some companies are Fire-Protection-of-Steel-Structure.The demand will set out the air outlet

Several issues that should be paid attention to in the design of prefabricated steel structure factories

The design of the steel structure of the prefabricated steel structure may be the fastest in the construction period in the construction construction. In the end of the last epidemic and the beginning of the next epidemic, he sent back to his own specialty and fully reflected the assembly building.To the fullest.Steel structures have published or important functions in various fields, and the advantages of steel structures themselves in various buildings occupy a large market. What are the characteristics of the steel structure?Build-a-NATIONAL-HIGH-END-METALUCTURITUR

When designing the steel structure plant, be sure to consider the following factors

When designing the steel structure plant, we must consider the increasing level of living standards for the following factors. The corresponding requirements of the corresponding clothing, food, and transportation have also improved. Many people now have higher and higher attention.One of the facilities, the demand is getting higher and higher, and there are a lot of steel structure buildings, but there are no shortage of unavoidable shortcomings. Therefore, this article mainly describes the factors to consider the steel structure design plant.Light light is an important one. In the engineering design of the steel structure plant, it is indispensable to set the lighting glass or lighting version, which can fully enable the interior of the plant

Public announcement+Announcement of Competitive Consultation of Steel Structure Plant Engineering Works of Liu Tucheng Village, Longwangmiao Town, Shanxian County

Public announcement+Danxian Longwangmiao Town Liu Tucheng Village Steel Structure Plant Engineering Competitive Consultation Announcement was commissioned by the People’s Government of Longwangmiao Town, Shanxian County to conduct competitive consultation and procurement of competitive consultation on the construction of the steel structure plant in Liutong City Village, Longwangmiao Town, Shanxian County. WelcomeSuppliers who meet the requirements of this consultation come to participate.I. Purchase: The People’s Government of Longwangmiao Town, Shanxian County 2. Bidding agency III. Project Overview: 1. Project Name: Shanxian Town, Longwangmiao Town, Shanxian County Steel Structure Plant Project 2. Project Number: SDJH-2022-09-073. Construction location: Liu Tucheng Village, Longwangmiao Town, Shanxian County 4. Bidding section division: This project is divided into one

Steel grid grid processing

Steel structure grid processing 1. What is steel structure?The definition of the steel structure is: a structure made of steel and steel plates.Two Construction-ProceDure-OF-STRUCTURE-HANGAR, why use steel as a structure?1. The strength of steel is high; 2. Steel can be recycled; 3. Steel can be made into various complex shapes; 4. In construction, it is easy to make embedded parts.Third, what materials do you use to make structures?What material to make steel structure factories?We usually use Q235B (low alloy high strength

Fire line survey | Haibo Zhongke received Penghua Fund and other institutions investigations have been inspected in the eastern coastal areas to contact two annual yields 3

Ran Ting, secretary of the board of directors of the company (300517), Ran Ting, September 16th from 15: 30-16: 30, accepted the Guangfa Securities (000776) Fan Zhuoyu, Zhongxin Privor Song Haijuan, Cai Tong Asset Management Guo Qi, CITIC Finance LiSai, Huatai Baoxing Fund Chen Ying, Agricultural Bank of China Wealth Management Wei Wan, Kaifeng Investment Tong Shuai, Huaxia Fund Xie Zixi, Penghua Fund Zhao Jing.1. What is the company’s wind power and photovoltaic business development progress?Answer: In order to cultivate new performance, the company increases BUILD-A-NATIONAL-HIGH-END-MET

Tianjin professional steel structure loft partition, Tianjin warehouse to build a steel structure two -layer

##Tianjin professional steel structure loft partition, Tianjin warehouse to build steel structure two layers of Tianjin steel structure compartment welding should pay attention to these details, excessive smoothness, when welding of steel structure compartments welded, We often use plates with different thickness or width. The ALC floor compartment advantage of the steel structure compartment has good durability: ALC is a kind of inorganic silicate material.Matching the service life of various buildings; in recent years, the steel structure partition has developed rapidly, but the problems of various safety hazards have also been exposed, developing rapidly, blindness

Steel structure plant

What are the fire prevention measures in the steel structure plant? What are the fire prevention requirements of the steel structure plant?Steel structure plant is a structural form dominated by steel.It is a structure composed of welding, bolt connection or riveting by the structural component made of steel and steel plates.Because steel has high strength and good plasticity and weldability, it is easy to process into various profile products, which is widely used.The main problems often encountered in steel structure engineering are: 1. Large fire loads; 2. Fire resistance limit; 3. Evilly corrosion; 4. Disadvantages such as large span and space utilization rate.In order to prevent the emergence of the above problems, in the construction process