Public announcement+Announcement of Competitive Consultation of Steel Structure Plant Engineering Works of Liu Tucheng Village, Longwangmiao Town, Shanxian County

Announcement+Danxian Longwangmiao Town Liu Taocheng Village Steel Structure Factory Project Competitive Consultation Announcement

Entrusted by the People’s Government of Longwangmiao Town, Shanxian County, to the Dragon King of Shan County The construction of the steel structure plant of Liu Tucheng Village in the temple town to conduct competitive consultation and purchase. The suppliers who meet the requirements of this consultation are welcome to come to participate.

1. Procurement: The People’s Government of Longwangmiao Town, Shanxian County

2. Bidding agency

Third, project overview:

1. Project name: Steel Structural Factory Project of Liu Taocheng Village, Longwangmiao Town, Shan County

2 Project number: SDJH-2022-09-07

3. Construction location: Liu Town Village, Longwangmiao Town, Shan County

Bid section division: This project is divided into a bid section.

5. Construction scale and number of layers: construction area is about 2952 square meters, 2 floors above ground.

6. Source of funds: Financial connection funds.

7. Construction period requirements: 40 days calendar days.

8. Procurement scope: Create a new steel structure workshop (see competitive negotiation documents and drawings for details);

9. Quality requirements: It meets the requirements of the consultation documents and meets the qualified standards for the current \”Specification of Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance\”.

4. Supplier Qualification Requirements:

1. Must have an enterprise independent legal person qualification, with steel structure engineering professional contracting third and above levels, above or above Qualifications have strong construction capabilities in personnel, equipment, funds, etc.

2. It must have an effective safety production license issued by the construction administrative department.

3. The manager of the proposed project must have a certificate of registered construction engineer (architecture) and registered in the unit, and has a valid qualified certificate of production safety assessment.

4. This project does not accept the consortium to participate in competitive consultations.

5. Qualification review method: qualification post review.

6. Registration time:

Interested bidders, please, September 22, 2022 to September 26, 2022, every day From 8:30 am to 12 am, from 14:00 pm to 17:30 (except Beijing time, except for holidays)

https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustryhow-to-take-amures-baseding-instel-structure -Plants

, register with the following documents.

When registering, you need to bring the following certificates (original) and photocopy (with the official seal).

① Copy of business license, copy of tax registration certificate, and organization code certificate of the organization (enterprises that have completed the completion of the three certificates only need to provide a copy of the corporate legal person business license); [123 ]

② Original ID card of the legal representative (what the legal representative came to sign up) or the original author authorized by the legal person and the original ID card of the person (the agent came to sign up);

③ Copy of Qualification Certificate;

④ A copy of the Safety Production License;

Engineering project manager’s registered construction engineer certificate, builder safety production assessment certificate (B certificate)

Seven, announcement period: September 22, 2022 to September 26, 2022 [ 123]

Contact: Liu Gong

Contact number: 13521040942

Email: zbcg558@163 .com

Reminder: Please get the registration form from the contact person to the contact person, participate in the bidding registration.


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