Steel grid grid processing

Steel structure grid processing

1. What is steel structure?

The definition of the steel structure is: the structure made of steel and steel plates.

2 Construction-Procedure-OF-STRUCTURE-HANGAR , why use steel as a structure?

1. The strength of the steel;

2. The steel can be recycled;

3. Steel can be made into various complex shapes;

4. In construction, it is easy to make embedded parts.

3. What material’s board to make structure?

What material to make steel structure plants?We usually use Q235B (low alloy high -strength steel plate) Q345B (carbon tool steel plate) 16MN (low alloy high -strength manganese steel plate) 15CRMO (15CRMOA1 low alloy corrosion -resistant steel plate) 12CR2MO1R (12CR2MO1R heat -resistant stainless steel plate), theseBoard can be used to make steel structure factories.


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