Construction procedure of steel structure hangar

Have you ever thought about why aircraft hangars are basically steel structures? In fact, this is because the steel structure hangar has many advantages. Although the construction cost of steel structure hangar is high, it is relatively expensive, but after comprehensive consideration, it is a very worthwhile choice.

steel structure hangar

What are the advantages of steel structure hangar

Steel structure hangar

Now let’s talk in detail about the advantages of the aircraft hangar built of steel structure:

1、 It takes a short time to assemble the hangar. Once the structures of the steel hangar are designed, the foundation can be built in a very short time. It is also because all fastener holes are pre perforated or pre drilled.

2、 Save insurance costs. If the steel structure is adopted, the insurance company will usually give a lower premium than the hangar built of other materials.

3、 To resist the attack of strong wind, the rated wind speed of the general steel structure roof design can reach 270km/h, and the whole structure is resistant to bending. Resistant to heavy snow, because the steel structure will be designed to resist the load of snow, which is very strong. These characteristics are very important for the safety of aircraft.

4、 The steel used in the hangar is usually coated with aluminum or other protective metals to prevent corrosion. Steel is an inorganic material, which will not grow mold. And insects or animals cannot destroy steel.

5、 Excellent earthquake resistance, especially the hangar seen in the earthquake stricken areas, it must be built of steel structure.

6、 The space span is large, and there is no middle column to interrupt the space, which is very suitable for aircraft parking.

7、 The maintenance cost is low. You only need to check whether there are loose or fallen fasteners every year, or fill the sealant around the new fasteners and openings.

8、 The appearance color can be changed at will. Different appearance colors can be used for different purposes, and even integrated into the background of the surrounding environment, which is difficult to distinguish, can be achieved.

Based on the above advantages, this paper also expounds why people are more willing to choose steel structure to build the hangar.

steel structure hangar

Construction procedure of steel structure hangar

1、 Before the construction of steel structure, the supervisors and technicians of the construction unit shall be organized to jointly review the design drawings and relevant technical standards, and make technical disclosure.

2、 The steel structure components shall be accepted on site to ensure that the quality meets the design requirements, including the correctness of steel structure specifications and models, rust removal and rust prevention, welding quality, etc.

3、 According to the design requirements, the foundation shall be embedded with anchor bolts, and the concrete shall be poured.

4、 For on-site hoisting, follow the hoisting principle of “column before beam, down before up, and from the middle to both sides”. Hoist the steel column first. When the distance between the column foot and the anchor bolt is about 30 cm, manually straighten it and then tighten the bolts to complete the installation of the steel column; Then the steel beam is hoisted, and finally the rafters are hoisted.

5、 The hoisting structure shall be calibrated, the steel column shall be calibrated with a plumb bob, and the steel column with deflection shall be calibrated with a backing plate; The steel beam shall be calibrated with a jack and chain fall after being tested with a level gauge.

6、 Construction safety, because the hoisting of steel structure involves high-altitude operation and man-machine cooperation, operators must wear safety helmets and hang safety ropes, and safety commanders are required to command the hoisting.

steel structure hangar company

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