What are the advantages of steel structure hangar

Have you ever wondered why aircraft hangars are basically steel structures? In fact, this is because the steel structure hangar has many advantages. Although the construction cost of steel structure hangar is high, it is relatively expensive, but it is a very worthwhile choice after comprehensive consideration.

Here are some advantages of the aircraft hangar built of steel structure:

1、 It takes a short time to assemble the hangar. Once the structures of the steel hangar are designed, the foundation can be built in a very short time. It is also because all fastener holes are pre perforated or pre drilled.

2、 Save the insurance cost. If the steel structure is adopted, the insurance company usually gives a lower premium than the hangar built of other materials.

3、 The rated wind speed of steel structure roof can reach 270km/h and the whole structure can resist bending. Resistance to heavy snow, because the steel structure will be designed to resist the load of snow and is very strong. These characteristics are very important for the safety of aircraft.

4、 The steel used in the hangar is usually plated with aluminum or other protective metals to prevent corrosion. Steel is an inorganic material, it will not grow mold. And insects or animals cannot damage the steel.

5、 Excellent seismic resistance, especially the hangar seen in the earthquake stricken areas, it must be built of steel structure.

6、 The space span is large, and there is no middle column to interrupt the space, which is very suitable for aircraft parking.

7、 The maintenance cost is low. It only needs to check whether there are loose or fallen fasteners every year, or fill the sealant around the new fasteners and openings.

8、 The appearance color can be changed at will. Different appearance colors can be used for different purposes, or even integrated into the background of the surrounding environment, which is difficult for people to distinguish.

Based on the above advantages of steel structure hangar, this paper also expounds why people prefer to use steel structure to build hangar.

Reasons for safety of steel structure engineering

The steel structure is not only beautiful, but also safe. The reason why it is safe is that the construction will be carried out in strict accordance with the code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structures. Once completed, it will be very solid. In particular, the steel frame structure can play a very effective anti vibration role in the earthquake, just like a metal iron box, it will only shake as a whole without collapse. The steel used in steel structure engineering is structural steel, which is made of steel beams and columns and matched with very solid foundation. The whole structure is firm and reliable, and the durability and safety are ensured. After the correct steel surface protection and maintenance measures are taken, the service life of the whole building can remain unchanged for decades. For example, China’s first Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, is the first bridge on the Wanli Yangtze River, and also the first highway and railway dual-purpose bridge built on the Yangtze River after the founding of new China. It is called “the first bridge on the Wanli Yangtze River”. It has been more than 60 years, and it is still in safe use.

In addition, steel is a very safe fireproof material. Unlike wood, it is combustible and spreads fire rapidly. Steel can make the fire spread slowly and provide more time for people to escape. Therefore, it is relatively safe. And most of the steel structure projects have very open indoor space, which is also very conducive to crowd evacuation.

Steel structure hangar

From some common phenomena, it can also reflect why steel structure engineering is very safe. For example, people usually take shelter under steel structure engineering buildings during typhoons or earthquakes. For another example, professionals in the aircraft industry store their aircraft in the steel structure hangar and store such high-value assets because they believe that the steel structure will be safer. Steel structure engineering is not only a safe and reliable protection measure, but also can resist strong wind, heavy snow and hail; It can also protect the things in the building from pests, molds, etc. This is also the reason why most storage industries prefer steel structure warehouses, because the stored things will be safer.

Because the steel structure has a high strength to weight ratio, and the steel members can add additional weight strength. It makes engineers have higher flexibility in design and can improve the safety of steel structure engineering to a greater extent.

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