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How much is the cost of steel structure workshop

Steel structure workshop mainly refers to that the main load-bearing components are composed of steel. Including steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundations, steel roof trusses (of course, the span of the plant is relatively large, and now they are basically steel structure roof trusses), steel roofs. Note that the walls of steel structures can also be enclosed by brick walls.

The steel structure workshop has a strong market share in Construction Engineering with its unique shape, rapid engineering construction, high intelligent level, resource reuse and other advantages. The cost of the steel structure workshop is also the focus of many people. The key to many steel frame enterprises is to control the cost of the steel structure workshop and make full use of the professional advantages of the steel structure workshop.

Stainless steel plate is not only the raw material of steel structure plant, but also an important component structure of steel structure plant, accounting for about 70%-80% of the total cost of steel structure plant. The price of raw materials market affects the cost of steel structure plant. There are great differences between the raw materials and sections of channel steel, the thickness of bent structure plate and the price of raw materials. Raw materials are the main factor affecting the cost of steel structure plant.

Reasonable design is the fundamental difficulty to save raw materials and control the cost of steel structure plant. Different design schemes of steel structure plant are the important reasons that affect the change of raw material standard value, together with the total cost of steel structure plant.

Steel structure workshop price

Foundation design

The construction period of the foundation works accounts for about 25% of the construction period of the plant, and the cost is 15% of the total cost of the steel structure plant. During the design, it is necessary to pay attention to the report on the geographical location and environmental conditions of the plant, select a reasonable foundation form, and control the bearing surface and foundation buried depth on the foundation, which also have a positive effect on the total cost of the steel structure plant.

Steel structure workshop price

Design of steel beam

Rectangular section beam is the most common bending precast member, which is often used in design, but the utilization rate of raw materials is very low.

The utilization rate of raw materials can be improved only when the bearing capacity of the linear shaft is reached. Therefore, the design can be divided into horizontal bent structure to replace the composite graphic beam. The bent structure in the plan design drawing is equivalent to a hollowed out beam. If the excess raw materials in the beam are removed, the net weight of the beam will be reduced.

SGSS Building is committed to the research and development and production of green buildings. 

As a good green building material, steel structure products have been widely used in industrial buildings, and also have a wide range of use prospects in civil buildings. 

SGSS has been producing steel structures for industrial buildings since 2001. The projects are all over Shandong, China. The main building types include steel structure workshops, warehouses, and agricultural and breeding buildings. Since 2018, SGSS products have been expanded, involving civil buildings, various types of housing, and temporary buildings.

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