Tianjin professional steel structure loft partition, Tianjin warehouse to build a steel structure two -layer

#[[[[[[[[#Tianjin professional steel structure loft partition, Tianjin warehouse builds steel structure two -layer

Tianjin steel structure compartment welding should pay attention to these details. Slowly, when welding the steel structure compartment, we often use plate materials with different thickness or width. The ALC floor compartment advantage of the steel structure compartment is good. ALC is a kind of inorganic silicate material , Failure to aging, good durability, the life limit can be matched with the service life of various buildings; in recent years, the steel structure compartment has developed rapidly, but the problems of various types of safety hazards have also been exposed. The construction team also mixed water and touched the fish. The steel structure partition does not need a lot of manpower and material resources when assembling, and can easily complete the assembly in a short period of time. Steel and wooden structure construction speed, short cycle, can be constructed all-weather, not affected by seasons, the construction cycle is short, the steel structure is light, dry


type of construction is pollution -free and noisy. Pay attention to these details of the steel structure partition welding. In many people’s eyes, the reason why the steel structure partition is popular is a large part because it has good stability

] Applicable to office buildings, villas, families, industrial factories, etc. Different combined flooring has different load -bearing performance and sound insulation effects of the steel structure compartment. Choose the appropriate construction method for construction so that the quality of the steel structure expansion can be guaranteed and the role can be better played. When the processing process of the steel structure compartment is polished by sand wheel polishing, the grinding range should not be less than 4 times that of the bolt aperture. The batch of anti -slip coefficient test, the test parts friction surface of the test parts must not be damaged during transportation, and the processed friction surface must not have flying edges, burrs, welding scars or dirt loss, etc. Report/feedback

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