Steel structure plant ventilation sunroof

The ventilation sunroof of the steel structure plant, the ventilation problem of the steel structure plant has always been a problem that plagues many steel structure factories.

Due to the rise in steel prices, the cost of steel composition has also increased accordingly. In order to save production costs, some simple measures will be used during the construction process for ventilation. So today I will talk to you about \”

The reasons why the air circulation in the steel structure workshop is not smooth


Some companies are

FIRE-PROTECTION-OF-STRUCTUR In terms of position, the airflow cannot flow normally;

2. Insufficient air delivery

Due to the design of the air supply resistance and outdoor temperature during the design The impact on the requirements of the air supply volume cannot meet the actual air supply volume;

3, the exhaust system layout is unreasonable

Excessive installation of the exhaust device and too small to the ground (such as less than 1.5m), resulting in too fast wind speed and excessive pressure of the exhaust port;

Most of the curved

The air duct is too long to increase the resistance, but also affects the flow rate and flow; ]

The setting of the negative pressure value is too low, which will cause a large amount of cold air to penetrate from outdoors into the room to form condensate water.


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