Steel structured steel structure design column foundation usually adopts steel concrete stepped or cone -shaped independent foundation

It consists of steel plates, hot -rolled steel and cold -processed thin -walled steel. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good toughness and plasticity, good sealability, and uniform material. In recent years, it has been widely used in my country’s construction industry, and has gradually become the third largest main structure of the traditional concrete frame structure and brick -concrete structure. It is known as the rising industry of the construction industry. Today, extensive application, learning and mastering the construction technology and related knowledge of steel structure, and used in actual engineering construction, played an extremely important role in the development and growth of the entire construction industry. Single -floor industrial plant (light steel plant) is generally composed of columns, roofs (beams), column support, column support, sunroof frame, roof support, crane beam, brake beam, bars, wall beams and roof (wall) board composition Essence The column foundation usually adopts the foundation of reinforced concrete or cone -shaped independence.

1. Preparation before installation.

Check the technical information, such as enrollment data, quality proof, design change, Figure Analysis-OF-The-IMPACT-OLL-WELL-the-the Light-Steel-Structure paper, etc.; drawing self-examination, joint review; deepening construction organization design, preparing before and before the installation; mastering the external environment before and after installation, such as temperature, sunshine, wind power, etc. ; Settings of cutting slots and pads; basic acceptance work.

2. Construction technology points.

Set up high -programs and central line standards, and the setting of high -program observation points is based on beef leg support. In order to facilitate observation, the beef -free legs should be based on the center of the installation hole connected to the zirconia with the trusses. The central line sign should comply with the corresponding regulations; when installing multiple columns, the column should be assembled first, and then the overall is lifted. The steel column should be adjusted after being lifted, if the deviation caused by the sunlight and temperature difference of the side. The allowable deviation after the pillars should meet the corresponding requirements. For components with large and large lengths, temporary reinforcement measures should be added before lifting, such as the stabilization and stabilization reinforcement of the string rod under the triangle (trapezoidal) roof stand. After installing it with the roof rack, adjust the overall level and elevation, and then fix the connection.

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