Analysis of the impact of elevator well on the design of multi -layer light steel structure

Table 1 Structural cycle and vibration -type authentic cycle calculation model model 1.3727 (Y direction flat movement) 1.3368 (X direction flat movement) model 2 1.3314 (Y direction flat) L.3193 (X direction flat) model Three 0.6057 (Y direction flat movement) 0.4584 (X direction flat movement) Industrial building 2003 Increasing Table 2 maximum displacement, maximum interval displacement calculation model maximum displacement (MM) maximum interval displacement angle (RAD) X direction y direction x X direction x X The data of the direction Y direction model one model two model two tables also proves that the light steel frame elevator well track has a small impact on the overall stiffness of the structure.

The shear wall well road greatly reduces the horizontal and vertical displacement of the structure .

Below combined with the displacement of each layer of each layer of computing models and the intermittent displacement angle curve to further explain the impact of elevator wells on the structural system.

i -square Y Fang’s largest building displacement Among the two charts of the maximum intervals, the model I and the two curves of the model are almost overlapped.

This also shows that the influence of light steel frame elevator wells has a small impact on the overall stiffness of the structure, and the steel concrete elevator well road is large. Improved the stress characteristics of the structural system.

From the maximum building displacement curve, it can be clearly seen that the main frame structure is shear deformed under horizontal load. When the elevator well road and the main framework are calculated together, the two work together through the coordination of the floor to jointly resist the horizontal load, which must meet the deformation coordination, so that the side -oriented deformation is bent.

Among them, the model trice curve is smooth and the curvature is small, which shows that the coordinated work of the reinforced concrete elevator well road, the deformation of the upper and lower layers tends to be uniform, that is, the shear force of each layer of the structure is even more It also tends to be uniform.

Industrial building in 2003 If the shear wall elevator well channel is used as the main anti -horizontal force component, the internal force of the frame column and the main beam will be reduced. Clarify the influence of the shear wall elevator wellway on the force of the main frame beam pillar component, the internal force of the model 1 and the main beam component of the Model 1 and the Model III. ]

Model three note: The ratio of the number in the table is the ratio of the component positive stress to the design value.

After the main framework and the shear wall elevator wells are calculated, the internal force of the main beam and column components is reduced to the original 60 60 %.

If the main framework and elevator shaft are calculated without considering the mutual influence, the result will cause the steel volume to be very inconvenient.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the shear power can be seen that the shear power The wall elevator well road not only affects the cycle and displacement of the structure, but also affects the section size of the component of each layer of the structure, thereby affecting the total steel volume.

Let’s modify the master based on the calculation results of Model 3. The main beam and column section size of the frame, so as to quantitative analysis of the impact of elevator wells on the section size and total steel volume of components.

The calculation results are summarized below Comparison model one model three -column B column D column pyramid for the total steel volume (ton) can be seen from Table 4. After considering the impact of the elevator wellway of the shear wall on the overall stiffness of the structural system, the main beam in the original framework in the original framework is The size of the column section is reduced to about 3/4, the total steel volume is reduced by 50 tons, accounting for 15%of the original total steel. The impact on the overall stiffness of the structural system not only reduces the structure of the structure, the maximum displacement and maximum interval displacement angle will be greatly reduced. At the same time, it can also optimize the section size of the beam and column components, thereby reducing the total steel volume of the steel frame structure system system .

4. For the model of the connection node. For Model 1, we compare the elevator wells with the main framework without considering interaction, but in the actual engineering, considering the deformation effect of the two, it is recommended that in the main framework and the elevator. There is a deformed seam between the wells.

For the model two, because the elevator well itself uses the steel frame structure, the connection between the main frame can only be designed according to the steel structure design manual.

123] Generally, we adopt a hybrid node (see).

For Model III, we usually use the method of embedding steel frame or steel ring beams in the shear wall elevator wells to achieve elevator shafts and main frameworks Connection.

Node constructing the same dagger.

5. Conclusion The arrangement of elevator wells should follow the principle of intermediate layout or symmetrical layout to reduce the twisting effect of the structure. The center of the stiffness of the structure should be reunited with the center of quality to reduce the torque generated by the seismic force.

The effect of the steel structure elevator well on the steel structure is very small.

In engineering design in engineering design ,完全可以对电梯井道和主框架分别进行验算,而不必考虑二者的组合作用.

  钢筋混凝土抗震墙电梯井道使得钢结构框架体系趋近于框架-剪力墙结构体系, Greatly increased the horizontal and vertical stiffness of the structure.

to reduce the vibration cycle and vertex displacement of the structure.

At the same time, the reinforced concrete seismic wall elevator shaft road and the layer framework structure The vertical rigidity tends to be evenly, which is beneficial to earthquake resistance.

In addition, the elevator well trail has become the main anti -side force component, which reduces the main in the frame. Reduce the total steel volume.

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