Control of construction quality of steel structure plant engineering

2 Strengthen the quality management during the on -site construction 2.1 The foundation of the quality control of the basic engineering of the steel structure project generally adopts the independent foundation of concrete, the construction process of the foundation of concrete and steel, templates, and other non -steel structure engineering construction processes The same method is the same, it will not be detailed here.

Common problems related to the steel structure plant include anchor bolt non -lead direct, after infrastructure, anchor bolt level error is too large, and the pillar pillar feet bottom plate is not installed during the installation of steel columns. A large number of pores are expanded, so the installation of steel columns has brought errors, the structural force is affected, and the requirements of the construction acceptance specifications are not met.

So when the anchor bolts are constructed, the anchor bolts such as coarse reinforcement or corner steel can be used. To become a cage, improve support: or take other effective measures to avoid the shift of anchor embolism when pouring the basic concrete.

2.2 2.2 Quality Control of Steel Structure Main Contract 2.2.1 Machining of the Quality Acceptance of steel components for steel components Many factory production has been implemented, and the quality acceptance of steel components is very important. In addition to the number of components, the number of components should be checked according to the number of detailed tables to conduct external sensing, geometric size, and qualified certificate inspection. The following information should also be checked: 1) The original item of the re -test of steel materials: 2) The material of the steel material must be stamped with the official seal, and the original storage of the original storage is not damaged. The problem occurred that the verticality of the pillars exceeded the requirements of the construction acceptance specification after installation, and the structure of the factory structure was affected.

Therefore, when the pillar is installed Degree, beam’s straightness, etc., tighten the bolt, install it into a space fixed unit, measure the measuring error of various installations. After the acceptance of the acceptance specification requires other Tianjin metallurgical, the space of the column bottom and the basics of the basics is used. Fine stone concrete filling is dense.

In addition, when the beam pillar is connected, the two docking end plates must meet the design and specification requirements. Together, even leaving a wide gap, which will seriously affect structural stress and engineering quality.

2.2.3 2.2.3 Bolt Installation quality controls the bolt of bolts in the steel structure engineering high -strength bolts and ordinary bolts.

Ordinary bolt connection, one end of each bolt must not be matched with more than 2 pads, the bolt holes must not be cut into pores with gas, and the exposed threads must not be less than 2 threading after tightening.

High -strength bolt bolt bolt Check the qualification certificate and re -examination form of the bolt before use. The installation of the contact surface should be flat. The contact surface must be greater than 75%. ] The high -strength bolt shall not be used as a temporary installation bolt. Tightening the bolt should be twisted in one direction.

2.2.4 Welding quality Before the steel structure controls the steel structure, check the qualification certificate of the strip, select the electrode according to the design requirements, and use the instructions and operating procedures to use the welding. The fissure of the air holes, slag, and arc pits, and the first -class welding seams must not have defects such as bite and unpleasant welding. The first or second -level welded seams should be tested without damage as required. 123]

Unqualified welds shall not be processed without authorization. After setting the modification process, it should be processed. The number of welds in the same part should not exceed twice.

2.2.5 control steel of the quality of the project quality Before the structure is painted, the surface of the component of the paint must not have foreign objects such as welding slag, oil, water, and burrs. There are two focus on quality control: first, the steel window entry qualification certificate, product test report and appearance inspection: the other is the gap control between the steel windows and the fixed steel window.

First construction fixed The pillars of the steel window may occur in the gap between the steel windows and the column or the steel window cannot be settled.

Therefore, the construction unit can be required to fix the pillars on the side of the steel window first, and the steel window is completely fixed in place. After that, welded the pillars on the other side, so as to ensure the seamless gap between the steel window and the column.

2.4 The installation quality of the pressure -type color plate installation quality control the voltage board to enter the field, check the appearance and qualification certificate And review the installation accuracy of the steel component construction and installation of the pressure plate construction, remove the welded medicine skin and splash of the welded seams during the installation of the bars, and the anti -corrosion paint on the welding site.

Color board board When installing, press the wall to perform the row and start from one end. The board and the board must be tightened, and then fix it with screws. In, in the process of construction management, we will strengthen the training and study of the technical personnel and workers on standards and operating procedures, and earnestly prepare before construction: strengthen quality control and supervision and inspection in the construction process, actively exert construction and supervision supervision In all aspects of the role, the process of acceptance of the process of each sub -item can ensure the overall quality of the steel structure plant project.

Cui Fengtong, male, born in 1962.

1999 7 Graduated from the construction engineering engineering of Tianjin Urban Construction College, engineer.

The current deputy head of the construction engineering quality supervision station of Wuqing District, Tianjin City, has been engaged in quality supervision and management of construction engineering for many years.

Wu Gang The use of metallurgy Chengpu Various types of blast furnace waste residue is the main waste of the metallurgical industry. The metallurgical waste residue generated by Wugang each year is about 4 million tons. , To occupy a large amount of land, but also waste valuable resources.

Wu Gang Metallurgical Slag Company mainly undertakes martial arts The iron -purity and steelmaking slag treatment work, the company has started the comprehensive utilization of metallurgical waste residue in the late 1980s, relying on scientific and technological progress, and developed Laoshan \”more than.

The company has used metallurgical waste residue as a large scale as a large scale as a large scale The foundation of the civil engineering project was filled with earth and stone materials, and the horses were scrapped steel residue to extract scrap projects, produced hollow blocks, and manufactured steel slag color pavement tiles.

In the past 10 years, Wugang Metallurgical Slag Company has comprehensively used more than 40 million tons of steel waste residue. Not only did it not produce new stake accumulation, but also digested more than 4 million tons of residue.

At the same time, it also created considerable economic benefits. In 2001 ]

Now, Wu Steel Metallurgical Slag Company has processed the waste steel residue) into the steel residue particles for concrete aggregate or basic fillers to build a steel residue concrete road surface.

After testing, this kind of steel slag concrete road surface The abrasion resistance is better than ordinary concrete roads, and has very good anti -folding strength, which has opened up a new way to use metallurgical waste residue.

Other Tianjin metallurgical

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