Construction technology of large span space steel structure sliding method

(Southeast University, 2100%) Jinxin Liu Jinrong Jinhuen (Shaanxi W Pest Machinery Shi 丨: Company, Xi’an 710032) Shi. .

The construction technology of the sliding method has been developed for more than 20 years, and the Q has made great progress. This technology is not only used in projects with small and medium spans and relatively simple structures, but also in large span space steel structures and complexity. There are many applications in the project, and it has achieved the economic effects of display.

This article introduces three typical space structure examples, explaining the new achievements and new development of the construction technology of slippery method.

123] I. Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Terminal Terminal Hall Steel Tube Truth Trip to form Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Central Hall. 60m, 78.9 ~ 84m long, 12 m from the pillar, 9in at the telescopic area, a total of 21 榀, a single 榀 weight 48.5 ~ 50.5T. French construction.

The construction method is: setting assembly brackets at the junction of 43 ~ 44 and C, D axis ().

The tube tru stand is divided into two prefabricated, and its joint is located in the CD shaft Between (1).

During the assembly at the low section of the 44 axis/1 end to the air -to -empty assembly bracket, and then hang the high section of the F -end and the low section, the whole tube truss is from 44 from 44 The axis slip to the 43 axis (/m section), and then stitch the second 榀 truss in the 44 axis, and install a longitudinal truss, support, and bars to form a sliding unit between the two -cricket truss. To the design location.

According to the distribution supported by the truss shown, the interval supported by the horizontal support is divided into a sliding unit. A total of 8 sliding units, they are: the first unit of 2 榀; the second unit is 3 榀; the second unit is 2 榀, 3 sticks, 2 榀, 3 榀, 2 榀; 123]

M) and F -axis (24.45m) pillar top contact beams, and reinforcement of the contact beam, the sliding rails were selected in 2003, the publication was camouflage in 2003.

Yun W memory Stocking: At first glance, there are two 100 KN electric gourd traction on the two tracks. The front end of the steel wire rope will be connected to the beam*. () To balance the reaction force.

It can meet the requirements of a pillar distance.

The farthest itinerary is 231 m. Take a segment traction method to complete F. Pay attention to the following M questions: The smooth flat car and slippery of the truss on the stage: The small sports car should be carried out on the sliding rail several times in advance. The condition of the apricot rail should be checked and found that the subject was processed immediately.

The small sports car should be managed by the special personnel, and the smooth and flat car should be checked frequently, and the wheel axis is checked in time. Before the addition of industrial buildings in 2003, the pointer of the two sports cars H was adjusted to the same number. At the same time, it moved. Sliding 100mm to report to the general command once (equivalent).

to determine the slide or stop.

Allow the synchronization difference 50mm, sliding speed 矣 1.!

11/111; During the sliding process, the rolling wheel is in contact with the slide rail. The deformation of the pole should be processed in time; after the sliding is in place, the compilation of the relative position of the embedded bolt and the branch hole is corrected. Plastic steel plate pads; sliding units fall, set 2 32 IT pounds () on both sides of each branch (), 4 (or 6) branches of each slide sheet 丨 ‘t+ After 10 丨 5mm in the top m step M, pull out the running and slide rails, and then fall to the top of the Tjian top, so that the tons of the tons will fall to the design position W., W fixed branch, and the installation is completed; Fan acupoint, uniform, wwwwwi3o father -in -law, father -in -law, father -in -law, father -in -law, public father -in -law ‘two, Yangzhou Erian Power Plant dry coal shed mesh project Yangzhou Erdian Plant dry coal shed for orthodox four -pointed cone three -hearted arched network The shell structure, span 103.6m, K124M, arch 丨 5* mx4.8m, mesh shell thickness 3.5m, supporting the installation of 4 mesh shells with a sliding method: first make small community units on the field, 1 ~ 4 inside the field 1 ~ 4 The shaft tower is equipped with an assembly bracket, a tower crane at the end is carried out in empty assembly, and the sliding uses the end of the end three -point traction (the JM10 rolled machine is used at both ends, and the middle of the hand is pulled with 10 T hand). The transfer holder (see).

According to the tower lifting weight requirements, the mesh shell is divided into 180 small communities (hanging units). 123]

The small -patch unit that passed the inspection can be released, and the number classification is stacked.

The fulcrum should not be uniformly settled when stacked 2) The mesh is assembled in the mesh shell to divide 10 medium -drawn units, and the 1st unit is 18 m width (spatial stiffness unit); uniform width of the 2-9 unit is 12m; The four -corner cone system, after the division of geometry, can be changed. To this end, in addition to the addition of the middle slider, the first unit is widely widen to 18m, and two cables are added to prevent changing positions on both sides when sliding.

M, the first unit is assembled by the first eaves 2M plus 31 axis ~ 28 axis, and gradually decorated and gradually slides towards the 31 axis.

From the sides of the support axis on both sides) To assemble to ensure the accuracy of the supporting axis and the stability of the structure.

Each down -string node has temporary support points, and its spatial coordinates are located by the entire station instrument.

Small small Put the unit from four points from the tower to hang it on the temporary support point. After correction, connect and weld the lack of rods to form a medium -pound unit (sliding unit).

~ 9), 10th), 10th), 10th) The unit is assembled on the assembly table without slipping.

No. 1 ~ 8 orders Each unit of the yuan is 12m, which guarantees that the structure of 6M is located on the assembly platform to enhance the stability of the structure and easy to adjust the standard.

Unit 9 to slip 8 m, accumulate slippery 104m. Slip -like sliding rails 丨 No. 8 steel buckle on the steel concrete as a beam, welding fixation () with the embedded parts of the ground beam. When the horizontal force is generated when the shell is resisting To the baffle; the middle slide rail is used with a 43 KG-class rail, which is fixed with the slide-shot heavy rack, and a roller is set under the central node kick under the mesh. 91) The formula is calculated, but the resistance coefficient of 1.5 times increased the sliding rail to overcome the resistance caused by the side thrust.

There are 24 rows on each side of the mesh branch. The row (upper string) support is installed on the sliding rail () when the mesh shell is assembled, which becomes a sliding support. Its branch anchor bolt is placed in the reserved hole in advance. Fix the grouting; the inner row (downstrings) support is installed after the mesh shell is slipped, fixed with the bolt bolt embedded in advance.

After the mesh shell support is fixed, the assembly bracket and the bearing frame can be removed. , Sliding construction of the grid of the grid.

3. The roof of the Swimming Pavilion of the Swimming Center of the Beijing Olympic Sports Center Swimming Pavilion Swimming Pavilion Engineering National Olympic Sports Center uses a cable cable to hang 117 m steel box beam -system dual -curved mesh structure.

Structural projection area 6930m2. The mesh structure has 14 榀 pitch with a 6.6m human -shaped hollow ball node truss and two -way cross -directional truss composition (1), C ~ axial span 70m, 5 ~ 20 wheelbase is 6.6mxl5 \u003d 99m. The support of the support is plate -type rubber support, and the middle hinge is on the main steel box beam.

2 is a schematic diagram during the construction stage.

This project is the project. Installation of construction technology of empty smoothing method.

Human -shaped hollow ball node truss truss hanging human glyphs of the south and north slopes each half -榀, half a long length of 35 m (about 40m in length), height 3.3 ~ 35M, weighing 11 tons, each semi -gangster glyph truss is divided into three sections during the factory, which is convenient for transportation. After transportation to the scene, hanging into high altitudes to the high -altitude. The ready -made south and north tower cranes.

There are five sliding units and a replacement unit of the grid. After assembling, it is set between 11 ~ 14 axis (1), with a width of 23M. Five of the 20 axis.

Sliding as follows: Unit 1, three trusses with 6 ~ 9 axis, sliding 3 width distance in the direction of 5 axes, industrial buildings added in 2003 Fight in the 2nd unit, that is, the truss of the 9 ~ 11 axis, and then slide 2 distances. In this way, the truss in the five -axis direction has been filled, and then the 17-19 axis truss is assembled. 15 ~ 17 axis truss 2 In the middle, slide 2 distances towards the 20 -axis direction, and then spend the 14 ~ 15 axis truss, slide one room in the direction of the 20 axis, and the five trusses have been filled. Filling and assembling on the stage, so far the entire cover structure has been closed, and all of them are installed.

This project has a slide rail on each of the C and Z axis. In the middle of the steel box beam, load the rolling wheels, and use rolling friction (3).

T hand stretch the gourd to form a three -paid boat group. T dual -door pulleys composition, the steel wire rope goes 3, the maximum tensile force is 32kn. The traction calculation is as follows: the maximum sliding weight (the five -room slip) is 314 t, the supporting pressure assigned to the two sides is \u003d 640kn, and the middle main steel frame supports The pressure of the seat is/2 in the middle rolling friction. Roller wheel, replace the permanent support, re -test installation and installation, axis displacement, spacing and span error, deflection changes, make the installation completion record.

The main steel beam is lifted by 8 groups of cable cable, two two, two The end is fixed on the inside of a pair of tower cylinders.

The cable cable is divided into two tension. Rail, reduce the top surface of the bearing frame, and lay the operating platform on its top surface, install the cross rod under the main steel beam, horizontal expansion pole and ceiling keel, etc. At this point, the structure is installed.

Industry Building 2003 additional issue

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