The unified standard of heavy steel and light steel structure plant

There is no uniform standard for judgment of heavy steel and light. Many experienced designers or project managers often cannot fully understand, but we can comprehensively consider and judge some data:

1. Workshop lord weight weight : Greater than equal to 25 tons, which can be regarded as heavy.

2. Overseas per square meter: greater than equal to 50kg/㎡, which can be regarded as heavy steel structure.

3. Main component steel plate thickness: greater than equal to 10mm, less use of light steel structures.

In addition, there are some reference values, such as the cost per square meter, the weight of the larger component, span, knot ten-installation-point-from-feel-structure Construction form, eaves height, etc. These can provide experience data when judging whether the plant is heavy steel or light steel. Of course, many buildings are light. However, some of us can say that it is heavy steel: such as: petrochemical plant facilities, power plant facilities, large -span stadiums, exhibition centers, high -rise or ultra -high -rise steel structures.

In fact, none of the national norms and technical documents did not say heavy steel. In order to distinguish the steel structure of light houses, perhaps general steel structures are more suitable for general steel. Because the scope of ordinary rooms is wide, it can include various steel structures, regardless of the size of the load, or even the light steel structure. The technical regulations of the light steel structure only specify some more specific content for its light characteristics. Single -layer door just rack.

Light steel is also a vague noun, generally two understanding. The first is the current \”GBJ17-88) Chapter 11 of the Light Steel Steel Steel Light Steel structure refers to a light steel structure made of corner steel made of round steel and corner steel less than L45*4, L56*36*4.

It can be seen that the difference between light steel and heavy steel structure factories is not the weight of the structure itself, but the weight of the enclosure material. The concept of structural design is consistent.

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