What is the steel volume and cost per square meter of steel structure?

Looking around each city bird’s map, urban planning and construction of the industrial zone, rows of industrial plants are rolling, which brings the element of development and development to this big city. Among them, steel structure factories have contributed well. Many enterprises have previously expected some issues to master some overall planning, engineering construction, application and cost -related issues about the factory building. As one of many steel structure companies, they want to bring you a little help or perception.

How much does the steel structure plant contain steel and cost per square meter

1. The main requirements for steel content indicate: data information is only It is a basically expected basis. The difference in the span, height, the number of tons or cranes, and the difference in loading values \u200b\u200bin different regions also have a great impact on the rigid content. Generally speaking, the steel structure of the steel structure plant with cranes is 35-40kg/㎡; the steel content of no crane industrial plant is 25-30kg/㎡; heavy type

Elementor-1972 The steel frame structure has the industrial industry of cranes. The steel content of the factory of the plant is 80-100kg/㎡; the content of no crane steel in heavy steel frame structure is 60-80kg/㎡. In addition, the steel structure plant is different from the span and the depth. Generally speaking, 30-35kg/㎡.

How much does the steel structure plant contain steel per square meter?

2. The cost of the steel structure plant of the relevant cost is not fixed and eternal The important reasons for harmful costs are: the total area of \u200b\u200bconstruction; cross -spacing; whether there are cranes (crane tonnage); construction height; whether there is a enclosure structure; the demand for raw materials, the amount of steel per square meter,; the price market is marketing; the price market These. The steel structure plant has a variety of forms, generally about 250 sheds; generally about 600 yuan; weapons and equipment are higher, and the height is about 750-1000 yuan per square meter. Naturally, the price in the unsatisfactory matters is indicated only as a reference price, and the actual steel structure company is required. According to your specific needs and construction regulations, further cost budgets can be made here. Only one general price can be made.

How much is the steel structure and cost per square meter of steel structure?

The above is a correlation major in the steel structure plant containing steel volume and price Knowledge, I look forward to giving you a little help. Others, please find a firm steel structure company to do system service projects for you.


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