In addition to knowing how many square meters of steel structure plant, these problems cannot be ignored

How much does it cost to build a steel structure plant. No matter where this situation is, many people want to ask. I believe that many professionals also propose a lot of prices, but some theoretical knowledge can indeed understand at a glance to understand at a glance. Yes, then from the perspective of an ordinary person, how can a steel structure plant be built to be cheap and beautiful?

The engineering cost element that endangers steel structure factories is nothing more than: materials, structure, relatively high height, and labor cost, naturally this is not all, there are many aspects of the construction of steel structure factories Today, let’s talk about the most important part, and we can also estimate how much money we need to go out of the steel structure plant.

[How to calculate the cost of the project] The key cost of the steel structure plant is based on the building structure, maintenance, civil construction, and other parts of its other. What is the main structure? The main structure includes the main steel structure, sub -steel, steel bar, ground screws, ordinary bolts, high -strength bolts, transportation costs, and its steel frame structure installation. In the proportion of the cost among various main structures, the proportion of the main steel structure is 45.63 https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustrywhat-said-BE-PAID-TO-The-CONSTRUCTION-OF-STEEL -Structure %, the proportion of sub -steel is 13.98%, the steel bars account for 25.98%, and the steel structure engineering accounts for 8.7%. Based on the proportion above, everyone can simply estimate the approximate cost, and in subsequent engineering projects, you can also grasp the expenses.


The enclosure includes the roof, wall panel, board accessories, color steel plate assembly, door, window, edge edge, edge edge The transportation costs of strips, edges, and color steel tiles are 43.29%of all roofs, 17.2%of the wall panels, 15.92%of color steel plates, 6.37%of board accessories, 3.84%door, and the proportion of windows. It is 7.92%, and the edge edge is 4.65%. It can be seen that the cost of the roof is very high. According to this proportion, it can also calculate how much about the cost of the encirclement.

[Civil Construction] In fact, civil construction is gradually made, but it contains not only the original civil construction work. After the completion Basic construction and medium -term fences are within the scope of civil construction. The cost of epoxy floor paint is not calculated by every industrial plant. Therefore, the cost is not good. Calculate him in when needed.

According to this proportion, the cost of the steel structure plant can be calculated approximately, and it can be controlled at the cost of payment, and it will not be very large even if there is a difference. Being able to easily understand the cost of your factory building, even if you find a regular steel structure company, there is no spectrum, it will not exceed too much budget at all.


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