What should be paid attention to in the construction of steel structure

In the construction process, there are many details to pay attention to, especially during the installation stage, before, installation neutralization before, installation neutralization After installation, you need to perform detailed operations and inspections.

1. Previously, a quality inspection of steel components should be performed. If deformed and defects occur, without exceeding the allowable deviation, measure and correct the steel components according to the characteristics of the project. The main process methods of steel and heterogeneous steel plate welding and high -intensity bolt installation should be tested before installation to prepare the corresponding construction process points.

2. When installing and expanding the combination unit, the compromise should be calculated on the strength and stability of the vulnerable steel structure, and reinforcement measures should be taken when needed. After each steel component is installed, a spatial steel unit should be formed.

3. At the time of installation of the pillars, beams, roofs, and support of the steel components, it should be corrected and fixed immediately. The steel parts installed on the day constitute a stable spatial system. When the steel structure is installed and corrected, corresponding adjustment measures should be taken according to factors such as wind direction, temperature difference, sunrise, and welding deformation.

4. Use the installed steel structure to raise other components and equipment, to obtain the consent of the design unit, perform calculations, and take corresponding measures.

5. During the processing of steel structure, the contact surface should be tightly attached to the face according to the design requirements. With a 0.3mm thick segical check, the sum of the insertion area can not be greater than 30%of the total contact top area, and the gap between the edges does not exceed 0.8mm.

6. When installing a high -strength bolt, the bolt can be freely penetrated into the pores and shall not be used as a temporary installation bolt. At the same time, the installation of high -intensity bolts should be tightened in sequence, and the central order of the bolt group should be completed. The final twist should be completed on the same day.

The above is the daily operation and precautions of the structure and installation link of the Steel Steel structure. Strictly complete it in accordance with the requirements, which will make customers use assured and peace of mind.

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