Nanning Steel Structure Processing Plant: Can the steel structure plant resist the vibration of the earthquake?

Nanning Steel Structure Processing Factory Guangxi Bangsheng described the seismic resistance of steel structure:

1. The advantages of the seismic performance of the steel structure plant are first reflected in the material

The main load -bearing material of the traditional industrial plant is masonry, which is a crispy material. Poor seismic performance. The steel structure plant is made of light -type steel steel, cold -curved thin -walled steel, round steel, small corner steel, pressure steel plates, leaf cores and other materials. From the fundamental advantage of the foundation of the steel structure plant.

2. The construction mode of the steel structure plant is conducive to earthquake resistance

, The main wall adopts a cold -curved steel shear wall structure. After laying the directional structure plate and gypsum board, each component forms a very strong \”board rib structure system\” in case of a strong earthquake, which will only deformed without collapse or rupture, which will help


Escape from personnel, which has less damage caused by personnel. At the same time, the workload of rescue personnel has also been reduced and the efficiency of rescue is improved.

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