Steel structure anti -corrosion and fire protection protection

(2) The impact of cold processing of cold processing on steel’s corrosion of steel refers to cold rolling, cold pulling and cold extruded. At present, the more commonly used is still rust -proof paint.

As industrial environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher in the world, and the material revolution caused by nanotechnology in the international chemical field, higher requirements for the protective paint of steel structures. If it is high -performance, it is high -performance. The environmentally friendly, low -coating cost and convenient construction.

) Primer is the most basic variety in the anti -corrosion paint supporting system. Environmental protection and epoxy zinc -rich primer. In the primer protection of modern steel structure, rust conversion primer and epoxy zinc -rich primer applications are the most widely used.

) The lacquer is primer and surface In the middle layer of the paint, it plays an enhanced shielding effect.

intermediate paint is generally used in the intermediate paint of chloride polyethylene, the intermediate paint of the peroxyethylene, the intermediate paint of the alcoholic acid, and the glass scales coating.

Among them, the glass tadpole coatings have strong anti -seepage capacity and have an independent shielding effect.

But because the current domestic glass tadpole coatings are still in its infancy, there are certain quality and varieties in terms of quality and variety and abroad. The gap, so the application is not much.

The facial paint requires good weather resistance, can resist ultraviolet destruction, and has the characteristics and decorative effects of antioxidant, weather resistance, water resistance.

There are many varieties of facial paint. Its species include gel acid -resistant paint, alcoholic paint, polyphyle ethylene color paint, oxide rubber surface paint, organic silicon -resistant high -temperature anticorrosive paint, oxygenyl chloride surface paint, epoxy asphalt anticorrosive paint, and polyurethane.

] Among them, oxide rubber surface and polyurethane surface paint are the most widely used in modern steel structure coating protection.

Although non -metallic coatings are most commonly used, because the durability of non -metallic coatings is poor, after the poor resistance of non -metallic coatings, after poor resistance to the durability of non -metallic coatings, it has poor tolerance for non -metal coatings. Repair during a certain period of time, this is the biggest disadvantage of non -metallic coatings.

It is necessary to completely clean the steel surface of the steel before brushing. Remove iron rust and crumbs.

) Underwater or underground steel structure adopts the cathode protection method.

Cathode protection method is a protector of steel materials that extend the anode life to ensure that steel materials are not contaminated with chloride and other steel. Due to the result of cold processing hardening, its tensile strength and fatigue intensity will be improved, but the corrosion resistance decreases.

(3) The alloy element elements added to the corrosive of the alloy element to the corrosion of steel In the solid solution that dissolved in iron, according to the characteristics of different alloy elements added, it can improve or reduce the corrosion performance of steel.

2. The main method of preventing steel corrosion (1) Organization of metal structures, in steel, in steel, During the smelting process, add metal elements such as copper, chromium, and nickel to improve the corrosion resistance of steel, such as weather resistance.

Items The steel species-resistant steel that was developed in low-alloy steels in the former low-alloy steel was a steel type with good corrosion resistance. As weathering steel was exposed to atmospheric conditions, the surface could gradually form a layer of very dense and attached force. A strong stable rust layer prevents the invasion of the external corrosive media, which slows down the speed of the continued corrosion of the metal.

Therefore, the application of weather -resistant steel can save a lot of paint and maintenance costs.

The surface of the steel surface Metal coatings protect the surface of metal coating on the surface of the metal coating. Steels are often used to protect metal such as galvanized, aluminum or zinc and aluminum alloy.

Thermal spray zinc spraying and aluminum technology are combined flames, arc plasma arcs as heat sources. The spraying material is heated to the plastic state and melting state. At the same time, under the acceleration of high -speed airflow, it is a granular bundle of the material shock to the surface of the processing body. Art method.

After the surface of the steel is covered, the corrosion performance is greatly improved, which can extend the service life of the steel by 2-5 times, which is an effective way to save steel.

) The surface of the steel surface is applied Non -metallic protective layer Li Meijuan/grammar.

The anode is the hardware that distributes the protection current to the steel material, such as the titanium bar. The life span of the anode anode is easy to exceed 75 years.

With the development of long anode, the cathode protection system has many characteristics due to simple installation methods and low maintenance costs. The project has obtained a good anti -corrosion effect.

The steel structure of high temperature effects should be taken according to different situations.

The current steel structure fire protection measures are mainly there are several types of steel structures. : 1. Outsourcing layer protection, that is, use the paddling concrete outsourcing or applying mortar on the surface of the steel structure to form a protective layer protection method.

The solid concrete outer packaging layer of the paddling molded is usually used with steel wire mesh or steel bar. Strengthen to limit the intensity of shrinking cracks to ensure the strength of the shell.

Mortar can be lime cement or gypsum mortar, or vermiculite mortar or mix of perlite and asbestos.

At the same time, the outsourcing layer You can also use perlite, asbestos, gypsum, or asbestos, and light concrete to make prefabricated boards, and use adhesives, nails, and bolts on the steel structure.

At present, some companies produced by some companies in China The refractory resistance has reached national standards, and it has been applied in many projects.

2. Cooling-hollow steel structure, that is, the protection method of recycling water circulation in the steel structure. Measures.

This method allows the steel structure to maintain a lower temperature in the fire. Water circulates in the steel structure and absorbs the heat of heated the material itself. Introduce cold water from the pipeline to replace the heated Water.

3, shielding-steel structure protection, the protective method of the wall or ceiling composed of steel structure components is set up in the refractory material. This method is more economical. As long as a little refractory material is added in the application, it can be used. The purpose of achieving fire prevention.

4. Protection of expansion materials, that is, the steel structure expansion fireproof coating is painted outside the component protection component.

These materials expand when they are heated forming these materials on the surface of the steel structure properly. The protective layer greatly improves the safety of the steel structure in the fire.

This method has the advantages of good fire prevention and thermal insulation performance, restrictions on the geometry of the steel structure. And the quality of the coating is light, and it has a certain aesthetic decoration effect. It belongs to modern advanced fire prevention technical measures.

5. The application of weather resistance. The elegant corrosion of atmospheric is the alternative of Q235 steel and Q345 steel used in our country as a more used in the building. It has room temperature mechanical properties, welding performance, and other properties that are equivalent to ordinary buildings.

123] Using refractory steel can not be used or reduces the painting, thereby reducing the use of fireproof coatings and fire prevention, thereby reducing pollution and great saving maintenance. In addition, the thickness of the steel can be reduced, saving a comprehensive cost of more than 30%.

And this fire resistance and weather resistance also have permanent and self -healing, that is, the steel to resist, refractory, refractory or refractory after the surface of the surface or the surface of the service is collision or the fire in service, or after the service is used in service or the fire. Sex can be unchanged. This is impossible to have after ordinary steel and additional protective layers.

The anti -corrosion and fire protection of the steel structure in addition to the above methods, it is also necessary to pay attention to the division of the component scale in the design. Coordinate the corrosion process, reasonably avoid welding paste surface, etc.

China’s development of the steel structure market in China is very broad. Development and production will trigger a new steel structure anti -corrosion and fire prevention technology revolution.

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