Benefits of light steel residential system

It has to be said that although urban life is convenient, it is still troublesome in some aspects. With the increase of urban population and frequent congestion in the peak period, light steel structure housing began to enter people’s vision, meeting the people’s pursuit of quiet villa life.. Therefore, the cost of light steel structure has become a concern of many people. How much is the price of light steel structure residence? Is it Expensive? Whose price is higher than ordinary brick houses? Let’s analyze it together.

Cost analysis of light steel structure

  1. Preliminary preparation:

What is the light steel structure residence like? The ultra light steel structure residence is composed of ultra light steel structure, and its weight is only one fifth of that of brick concrete structure and one sixth of that of steel-concrete structure. It is not difficult to see that the foundation of light steel structure does not need to be dug very deep like the brick concrete structure, thus reducing the foundation cost. Even in mountainous, hilly and desert areas, there is no need for special foundation treatment, and the cost is far lower than that of brick concrete structure.

  1. Production cost:

A major feature of light steel structure residence is the integration of mass production and transportation. The cost is greatly reduced and unnecessary expenses are reduced.

  1. Construction cost:

The installation cost of light steel structure houses is lower than that of ordinary brick concrete structure houses. Ultra light steel structure residential buildings are mainly built on site. For example, the 200 square meter ultra light steel structure residential buildings can be completed in less than a month.

  1. Post maintenance cost:

Light steel structure residence is characterized by warm winter and cool summer. Their thermal insulation performance is very good, which is better than that of brick concrete structure. Therefore, residents can save a lot of money by turning on air conditioning and heating.

Benefits of light steel residential system

  1. Compared with the traditional masonry and reinforced concrete structure, it can better meet the requirements of large bay and flexible separation. The wall is thin and the effective use area is large. The pipeline is convenient to pass through and sealed inside the wall, so as to avoid the damage to the structure caused by drilling holes through the wall;
  2. Light steel system provides high-strength, high-quality and durable safety structure;
  3. The light steel wall adopts the high-efficiency energy-saving system, which is much superior to the traditional masonry in terms of heat preservation and insulation performance, and belongs to a new energy-saving building;
  4. Superior seismic and wind resistance performance;
  5. Good fire protection performance, free from termite decay;
  6. The keel of the light steel wall is completely enclosed between the waterproof layer and the gypsum board, so it does not rust, corrode, mold, and has good moisture-proof performance;
  7. The possibility of foundation damage caused by self weight is small.

Take the production of Ming’an Chaoju light steel villa project as an example:

The light steel keel is usually formed by cold bending and rolling of galvanized or aluminum zinc alloy thin steel plate, and its cross-section is C-shaped and groove shaped. The thickness of steel plate can be determined as required. The light steel keel is often perforated regularly during its fabrication, so as to facilitate the water and electric wires, pipes and transverse reinforcing members. The bearing capacity of a steel plate itself is not very high. After cold bending into a shape (such as C type), its bending and compression resistance capacity is doubled.

Design of Ming’an Chaoju light steel villa project

As a load-bearing structure, light steel components need to undergo strict engineering design and test verification. The structural performance and bearing capacity of its members are usually determined by its manufacturer and given in the form of tables according to its bearing capacity. Structural engineering designers can select corresponding light steel members from the bearing table according to the design requirements. In addition, the strength of required connectors (such as self drilling self tapping screws) shall also be considered in the design. Manufacturers of connectors usually provide the required design indicators for their products. The section properties of light steel members must be determined according to the corresponding national codes.

Structural system of Ming’an Chaoju light steel villa

Residential structures are usually composed of floors, walls and roofs. The structural form of light steel residential buildings usually adopts the plate rib system with in-line support. Light steel components can be applied to different building components. The use of light steel components can greatly simplify the structural system, while providing effective use of the bearing capacity of the structural system and components, flexibility in design and convenience in construction.

Ming’an Chaoju light steel villa has built a “new fulcrum” for Rural Revitalization. In the past, the quality of rural houses was generally poor, with poor seismic performance and poor thermal insulation effect.

To sum up, the cost of the light steel structure residence is lower than that of the ordinary brick house. In the early stage, the steel structure residence does not need to lay the foundation, which saves a lot of money. In addition, in the later stage, the light steel structure residence is warm in winter and cool in summer, which reduces the expenditure on heating and air conditioning. Therefore, in general, its cost is relatively low.

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