Discussion on steel structure fire coatings application

Discussion on the application of steel structural fire coatings in building materials application Huang Yan 10,000 Lin 2 (1. Department of Civil Engineering, Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, Nanchang 330013; 2. Nanchang City Architectural Design Research Institute, Nanchang 330008) 1 Foreword steel structure has strength. High, light quality, uniform material, good plastic toughness, good confusion, convenient component manufacturing and installation, and good thermal resistance. With the development of China’s economy, steel output gradually increases, and structural buildings are much more rapid. It is used in large span, towering, high -rise, heavy, and power load structure range.

But the refractory resistance of the steel structure is poor. Below, its mechanical properties such as flexion strength and elastic modulus will decrease as the temperature increases. The mechanical strength of steel is the function of temperature.

Generally, when the structure*C’s strength decreases respectively 1/3, 1/2, and 2/3, the fire -resistant time of naked steel structures that have not been protected by any protection is about 15min.

However, the requirements of the current \”Fire Fire Standards for Architecture Design\” for the fire resistance of the steel structure are : The fire resistance limit of the columns, beams and floors and roof inheritance of high -rise civil buildings is 1.5-3.0H; -the fire resistance limit of columns, beams, and roof load -bearing components of industrial and civil buildings is 0.53.0H Therefore, the steel structure component must be fired, and the fire protection of steel structure has become a problem that cannot be ignored.

The methods of steel structure fire protection protection are various, including dredging methods, packaging methods, shielding methods, etc. However, the steel structural fire coating protection method is currently generally adopted, that is, the fireproof coatings are sprayed directly on the surface of the component with a spraying machine to form a protective layer to make the fire -to -steel substrate transmission effectively when the fire occurs, so as to ensure the temperature of the steel itself. Not high, so that its mechanical properties have no obvious changes.

The coatings itself is unparalleled and refreshing, which can prevent the spread of flames and delay the expansion of the fire when the fire occurs. Fire -resistant coating coating on the surface of the steel also has a decorative effect.

2 Classification and fire mechanism of fireproof coatings with the widespread use of steel structures, the research, production and promotion of steel structure fireproof coatings are also booming. Planting fireproof coatings sprung up like a bamboo shoot, with C60 -3 expansion -type ethylene fireproof coatings, AH -3C ultra -thin steel structure fireproof coatings, AH -3 thick coating steel structure insulation fireproof coatings, etc.

] From its fire prevention mechanism, it can be divided into expansion and non -expanded fireproof coatings; from the scope of use, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor fireproof coatings. When driving and crushing, the asphalt will be concentrated together.

It is precisely because it is not evenly mixed with a mixing pan. Spots, even triggering the rut deformation.

Do you want to do it? With oil spots, the most fundamental measure is intermittent mixer using a standard metering device to change the method of artificially putting fiber into mechanical automation input, and at the same time prevent fiber tide and group groups.

During the construction process , Discover the leakage of asphalt, you must take measures immediately.

First appropriately reduce the construction temperature, but do not drop too much at a time to gradually increase to find a reasonable construction temperature; second Appropriately reduce oil petrochemical, and finally check whether the number of fibers is accurate, whether there is no leakage or less plus.

If there is still leakage, you must check the mixed material level and find out the reason fundamentally. [ 123] 4 The development and application of SMA pavement in China began at the highway of Capital Airport. It has shown its good performance in the application of highways and key projects in various provinces and cities. At present, the \”asphalt horse hoof lipid gravel mixture\” has been officially included in the \”Highway asphalt pavement design specifications\” (JTJ014). Pilot promotion nationwide, it has also accumulated some successful experience, but China’s current construction experience is still lacking, and the understanding of some issues is also inconsistent. According to the current construction technology and quality control and management level, it is necessary to continuously summarize and accumulate during the implementation process. Jiangxi Building Materials 2/2003 25 National Technical Supervision Bureau. GB14907 Jiangxi Building Materials 2/2003

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