What is prefabricated steel structure?

In recent years, in the context of the gradual improvement of incentive policies and standards and specifications, prefabricated has achieved further development and results. The prefabricated steel structure that came into being gradually entered people’s vision. Today, the editor is Construction-Process-AD-STEPS-OF-STRUCTURE-Workshop Let me know what assembly steel is. What are the characteristics of structure.

What is the prefabricated steel structure

First of all, the prefabricated building is the building that is arranged in the construction site after the component is produced in the factory, followed by the steel structure building. The skeleton, a residential building composed of a new type of insulation and heat insulation wall material composed of the surrounding structure. And the prefabricated steel structure, as the name suggests, combines these two buildings, that is to say, in advance the production and installation of a part of the steel structure skeleton in the factory, and then transport it to the construction site with welds, bolts, or rivets. Organized steel structure.

Because the steel structure itself is light, the cost is low, easy to build, and the simple and efficient prefabricated, the prefabricated steel structure was widely used in the fields, venues, and sports fields.

What are the characteristics of the prefabricated steel structure

Incoming the following advantages compared with traditional buildings:

Large elasticity, windproof and earthquake





123] Because the main material of the prefabricated steel structure is steel, it is a material with elastic deformation, and the characteristics of the steel structure itself, the characteristics of good ductility, and high strength are very flexible and windproof.

Environmental protection and beauty, short construction period

The steel structure is different from traditional buildings, has great plasticity in shape, and the prefabricated steel structure is mainly steel, the insulation board is used as a wall to replace It is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Another is that the materials of the prefabricated steel structure are pre -made in advance in the project. When the site workers can connect to the use of the drawing seams, bolts, or rivets. The production in the factory is well shortened. Generally, a two -story villa can complete the construction of the skeleton in 7 days. At the same time, steel can be recycled and reused, and the energy -saving indicators can reach more than 50%, which belongs to green and environmentally friendly buildings.

Innidity insulation

Pretending steel structure adds insulation materials such as the wall system, cement pressure plate, extrusion plate, and insulation rock wool during the construction process. The 180mm thick wall The body heat resistance is 4.24k㎡/W, which is equivalent to about 10 times the thick brick -hybrid wall.

Fire prevention

The most critical issue of the steel structure building of fire prevention technology. The refractory level of steel structure houses is four levels. Ordinary firewalls and household walls are protected by 25.4 mm thick gypsum boards to meet the fire prevention requirements of one hour. Protective effects. Our Qingdao Lida Steel Structure Company specializes in building design and construction of steel structure buildings, container rooms, color steel activity rooms such as steel structure buildings, steel structure villas, and steel structure villas. People, let you worry about it, come to contact us if necessary! Report/feedback

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