Construction process and steps of steel structure workshop

I believe that every city has an industrial park. As long as you walk around there, there are tall and spacious steel structure plants. Modern industrial plants adopt the mode of steel structure houses. Compared with our traditional buildings, steel structure buildings do occupy half of the plants with their unique advantages. Today, let’s talk about the process and steps of steel structure plant construction:

【1】 Land use permit, whether at home or abroad, the first step in building a house is to review the land use right, which can ensure the legalization of house construction and avoid all unnecessary troubles in the future;

【2】 Before preparing to build the steel structure plant, investigate the surrounding environment, terrain, topography and other factors, and communicate with the customer to determine the preliminary design plan. Next, we need to go to the steel structure construction company to determine the drawings, communicate with the customer, and finalize the draft.

【3】 After the drawings are determined, the steel structure company will arrange the production of components. Now, the whole production process of the steel structure company is carried out on the industrial assembly line, which ensures the unity of the steel structure and the component quality of each part.

【4】 The processed steel members will be transported to the construction site for erection and installation. This “production erection” construction mode greatly shortens the construction period, reduces the construction cycle and labor cost, and also reduces the construction waste on the construction site, which is in line with the social pursuit of modern life energy conservation and environmental protection and the concept of green environmental protection for steel structure buildings.

【5】 After the products arrive at the construction site, the construction can be carried out immediately. After the completion, the acceptance link is completed. The relevant quality supervision departments will carry out construction acceptance of the steel structure plant, and then deliver it.

About construction cost

The frame structure is generally a kind of building structure composed of beams and columns with load-bearing capacity, plus some lightweight plates for partition walls. The beams and columns are generally cast by reinforced concrete. The cost of steel structure workshop is lower than that of frame structure workshop. If both functions are OK, it is recommended to select steel structure workshop to save cost. Of course, if it is a steel-concrete structure, the construction cost will be relatively high.

What is a steel structure workshop?

About construction cycle

The construction speed of steel structure workshop is fast and the construction period is short. The production cycle of components is determined according to the specific capacity of the construction unit. It depends on the production capacity of the steel structure company. If the output is large, the completion speed of steel structure construction will be accelerated.

About impact resistance

The advantage of steel structure workshop is good seismic performance. The occurrence of earthquake disasters will cause great damage to people’s life and property safety. The steel structure has good ductility, which can offset the energy consumption of seismic waves. According to the calculation, the strength of the steel structure is 8 times that of the concrete, and its density is only 3.2 times that of the concrete. Therefore, for the same bearing capacity requirements, the steel members have light weight and high section utilization, so it has a good effect on earthquake resistance.

About corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance is the short board of steel structure buildings. If the plant needs to be built in a place with serious corrosion, it is recommended to give priority to the frame structure plant.

About fire prevention

The fire resistance of steel structure is one of the few shortcomings in steel structure buildings. Therefore, if you need a plant with strong fire resistance, you should choose a frame structure or choose to improve the fire resistance of steel structure components.

About bearing capacity

For multi-storey workshop, the workshop with frame structure has high bearing capacity. If the workshop floor needs to install heavy mechanical equipment, it is recommended to use the workshop with frame structure.

The main components of steel structure workshop customization are made of different materials. The performance and quality of different raw materials are different, so the types of steel structure workshop are also different. Some are multi-layer steel structure workshop, some are single-layer steel structure workshop, and some are brick concrete structure workshop. Generally speaking, no matter which link it is, it should be taken seriously. Good quality is better than good quality, Only when the quality is improved, the installation quality of steel structural members can be improved as a whole. Therefore, it is said that the process flow of steel structure is simple and complex, because customers will not supervise every process of you, and even many customers are laymen who do not know how to calculate qualified materials. It depends on the steel structure manufacturers themselves not cutting corners and not shoddy, so as to make better products.

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