Steel structure building has gradually become the development trend

At present, steel structures are generally recommended for both building structures and plant structures. Of course, it has many advantages and benefits. Therefore, steel structure manufacturers will have more and more orders, and indeed have common characteristics in many orders. Next, the manufacturer will tell you the main advantages of choosing steel structure?

Advantage 1: the construction period is short and the foundation requirements are not strict. Before the construction of the building, the requirements and standards for the foundation are very high. However, the steel structure only needs to reach the qualified standard at several fixed points in the construction foundation, which can have strict and firm performance. Therefore, no matter what kind of structure is installed, it can reach the solid standard, and the seismic grade in all aspects will be higher and higher, which is far beyond the traditional building structure.

Advantage 2: steel structure manufacturers select standard profiles in strict accordance with national standards during processing, so it is easy to control the accuracy during processing, greatly reducing the loss in manufacturing and processing, and significantly improving the utilization of indoor space. It can be seen that the quality standards in the manufacturing process are relatively strict in order to meet the relevant quality standards.

Benefit 3: from the perspective of line layout, the steel structure profile can be directly wired inside, which can also save space. Of course, the cost of wiring can also be saved. Therefore, it is beneficial for steel structure manufacturers to recommend steel structures in this regard, so that they can be recognized and trusted by customers in the promotion process, and at least the cost performance will be significantly improved.

The prospect of developing steel structure market in China is very broad, which is in line with the national policy of protecting the environment and land resources. The total amount of steel products in China ranks first in the world, providing a material basis for vigorously developing steel structure. The gap with western developed countries will make us catch up. The application of steel structure will trigger a series of design and construction revolutions. It is believed that the massive application of steel structure in Olympic venues and large-scale engineering projects can quickly drive the development of steel structure houses in China.

Characteristics of steel structure buildings

(1) Light weight, high strength and good seismic resistance from the material point of view, although the quality of steel structure is generally 3.2 times that of ordinary concrete, the strength of steel can reach more than eight times that of concrete.

From the comparative analysis of stress and strain between steel and concrete, steel has good ductility and uniform internal structure organization. In an earthquake, steel has good deformation ability and can resist the impact of earthquake on building structures, so as to reduce the damage of earthquake to buildings.

(2) All structural members and components of the highly industrialized steel structure are produced on a large scale in the factory to achieve standardization of production, assembly of construction and installation, and scientific organization and management, thus changing the traditional construction method.

(3) The construction period is short. For steel structure buildings, especially residential buildings, through unified standard production, integrated modular components such as floor slab, column and wall, and industrialized component production, the “on-site construction” is changed to “factory manufacturing”, so as to reduce the environmental and noise pollution at the construction site. There is no concrete construction and maintenance period at the site, and the construction period is only 1/4 ~ 1/5 of that of traditional buildings, saving the construction period cost.

(4) Green, environmental protection and energy conservation the amount of construction waste in China accounts for 30% ~ 40% of the total waste. It can be seen that the impact of the construction industry on the environment and resources is extremely bad.

Compared with traditional buildings, the building materials used in steel structure buildings are mainly steel, and the recycling rate of materials is as high as 70%. The construction waste generated after the construction and destruction of steel structure buildings is only about 1/4 of that of concrete buildings, which effectively reduces the impact of construction waste on the environment and meets the requirements of building energy conservation and environmental protection.

(5) The space layout is flexible. The steel structure has a large space span and flexible layout, which can increase the use area by 5% ~ 8%. At the same time, various pipelines can be buried in the wall and floor structure. The decoration can be in place at one time to reduce maintenance, which can well meet the decoration requirements.

(6) In recent years, China’s steel production is still increasing. Although the growth rate has slowed down, the current situation of oversupply makes steel enterprises have to find another way.

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