Advantages and disadvantages of light steel structure house

What are the advantages and disadvantages of light steel housing, and are all rural households building light steel housing villas? In fact, there are two questions in this question: the first question is about the advantages and disadvantages of the light steel structure houses we see now; Another problem is the prevalence of light steel houses. Therefore, in the following household Zatan, these two questions will be answered separately for you, so that you can have a clearer understanding.

Question 1: what are the advantages and disadvantages of light steel structure houses?

Compared with some traditional houses, the difference between the light steel structure houses is that some light section steels are used to replace the traditional reinforced concrete and bricks, which reduces the self weight of the houses in general. However, due to the different structures of the houses themselves, they have different characteristics. Therefore, for light steel housing, we should distinguish its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the answers for you.

⑴ what are the advantages of light steel structure houses?

In fact, if we want to know the advantages of light steel house structure, we must first understand the specific construction process of light steel house structure and the materials used. In fact, the key point is to grasp. It is a kind of house made and installed of light steel structure. So houses like this have the following advantages.

① : stronger seismic performance. As the light steel house is connected by light steel structure, the self weight of its own material is very light, so the load added to the house is very small. And the light steel structure can form a very strong plate structure system after completion, which has strong seismic performance and resistance to horizontal load. Therefore, light steel buildings are very suitable for areas with high seismic requirements.

② : better thermal insulation. Because the light steel structure residential buildings now use a fully enclosed heat insulation and moisture-proof system, their own heat loss is very low. If our light steel house structure is designed and installed according to the requirements, it can ensure that we have a good living environment. For example, when the outdoor temperature is 0 ℃, the indoor temperature can be maintained at about 17 ℃; If the outdoor temperature reaches 30 ℃, the indoor temperature is only about 20 ℃. Of course, this is for the light steel room whose thermal insulation performance meets the requirements.

③ : short construction period. Like our traditional building construction cycle is very long. Like self built houses, it takes at least one year from completion to residence, and some even two years. That greatly shortens the time for the light steel house. For example, the construction of light steel houses will not take more than six months from the start of construction to the completion. For example, many buildings can be completed within three months. Therefore, it is also a great advantage in terms of construction period.

④ : wall and space changes are more reasonable. Like the common light steel structure houses, the box type structural load-bearing system is basically adopted, so its plane and space design are very free. In a word, the plane layout is highly malleable. We can layout at will and increase the number of houses at will to meet our requirements. For example, the exterior wall of the light steel house is generally not more than 200mm, and the interior wall is generally 115mm, so the overall indoor space can be increased.

⑤ : high material recovery rate. It can be said that the material recycling rate of the light steel structure house has almost reached 100%, and it is a truly environmentally friendly building material. That is to say, if we don’t want to live in the light steel structure house, after dismantling, we can dismantle all the light steel structures, recycle them, and rebuild the house. Therefore, it is very beneficial to energy conservation and environmental protection.

⑵ what are the disadvantages of light steel structure houses?

We should also clearly understand the shortcomings of light steel structure houses. Because the light steel structure is made of light steel structure, many properties are not as good as our traditional brick concrete or frame self built houses. Common disadvantages are as follows.

① : the cost is relatively high. Although the installation and manufacture of light steel structure is relatively simple, its cost is higher than that of ordinary brick and concrete. For this point, you can consult the local light steel house structure price. Like our ordinary brick concrete, the price per square meter may be about 1500 yuan, but for the light steel house, the price can not come down.

② : the cost of later maintenance and use is relatively high. Because the light steel house will rust after several years of use, this is mainly for some exposed profiles of the light steel house structure. Then it is necessary to remove rust and repaint at this time. So these will increase the cost in the later stage. Compared with the traditional steel-concrete structure, this point is indeed very different.

③ : the sound insulation performance of houses is often inferior to that of traditional houses. Although it is said that the sound insulation effect of the wall of the light steel house is very good after effective sound insulation. But the sound insulation of the floor of the light steel house is really poor. The floor slab of the light steel house is a composite structure made of section steel or corrugated plate, and the sound insulation effect is very poor. You can actually experience it.

Question 2: is every household building light steel houses in rural areas?

In fact, the use of light steel structure houses in rural areas is still relatively small. You can go to the places where houses are built in rural areas. Most of them are still brick concrete structures or frame structures. So, if we build a house at home, we can also look at the general situation of the local area, and then make a choice. However, if you choose the light steel house, you should understand the following two points.

① : first, confirm the price of light steel structure house. Because in the case of small market demand, its cost is very high. This is because there is no way to mass produce in the factory, so the cost of the light steel house cannot be reduced, and the construction period may not be guaranteed, and the price is relatively expensive.

② : we also need to consider the issue of residence. Although the light steel structure room has good heat and sound insulation effect in theory, the actual effect will be very different after installation. In fact, many of them are due to installation. For example, the most common point is that if we knock on the wall with our hands, we will make an empty sound, which means that the wall is empty, and it doesn’t give us a particularly solid feeling.

Light steel structure houses have been popularized in foreign countries, but they are still rarely used in China. Because in our traditional understanding, the house must be solid, so many of our friends think that the traditional reinforced concrete structure is more solid. But there are many advantages for the existing light steel houses. If you plan to choose the light steel house, you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the light steel house. And conduct research in the local market, and then make choices.

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