The owner wants the quality of the steel structure plant, and it is really impossible to have no means

What are the two stages of the construction process of the steel structure plant project, each is the factory production and on -site installation. These two stages can be carried out by one construction enterprise or two enterprises. Generally, the steel structure plant is a larger engineering project. Before the production and installation, further strengthen the inspection and judgment of the production unit of steel structure plant and installation enterprises. It also has the progress of steel structure engineering construction for the quality of the steel structure plant, which has an important role in the construction of steel structure engineering. of. When investigating the construction enterprise, it mainly depends on the company’s qualifications, business scale, the total number of professional and technical personnel, the qualification certificate of professional and technical personnel, the phenomenon of industrial equipment, and the construction process of some previous project construction projects.

Before the project was the main comprehensive technical document of the entire process of compiling the specific guidance project of the construction unit, which was equivalent to the instructions for the use of construction projects, and carefully checked the design of construction enterprise design. It is an important part of supervision and active control beforehand. Most of the steel structure factories are two stages that need to be produced and installed through factory production and on -site installation, and production and installations are likely to be divided into two grass -roots levels of the steel structure engineering construction enterprises. The supervision work during the production period should be based on other types of engineering construction supervision work, and strive to do pre -control and control in advance. For various process processes and each sub -item timely.

The supervision work of the steel structure plant installation period is the management of the internal structural system and the operation of the internal structural system and the operation of the warranty system, supervise the implementation of various technical and organizational measures of the construction plan, and strictly implement the implementation of the construction planning plan. Standard and standardized construction of the current national steel structure plant. In the installation period of the steel structure plant, engineering supervision is usually done well: the rationalization and implementation of the installation strategy, the installation of accurate measurement, the high -strength bolt connection, the quality of the weld, and the installation size error.

Many material testing of the production and installation of the steel structure plant project is the general construction of the civil construction project. This test project mainly includes the inspection of new projects related to the raw materials of construction steel, Welding process assessment experiment, welding seam non -destructive detection, high -intensity bolt torque coefficient or pre -stretch test, high -strength bolt connecting surface anti -slip coefficient test, steel mesh connection point bearing capacity experiment, steel structure plant fire prevention material performance test. As an experiment and testing work, it is necessary to pay attention to: supervision and authorization commissioned to be carried out with corresponding qualifications; the rules and regulations of samples and re-inspection must be adhered to, and we must Fire-PRotection-OF-STRUCTURE [123 123 ] Avoid the inconsistency of the sample and engineering projects; for some testing projects, there are fewer testing centers that have obtained the corresponding qualifications, far away, and high costs. Under such circumstances Immediately urge the construction unit to implement this work, which is also the corresponding measure to ensure the progress of the manufacturing project of the steel structure plant. They are the main control projects stipulated in the construction quality acceptance specifications of the national standard steel structure plant construction construction quality acceptance specifications.

The quality of such relevant steel structure factories is to start with details, so that there will be no inconveniences that the steel structure engineering construction will not be there before and after construction.


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