Step of steel structure plant construction and construction steps

1, Steel knot

Steel structure plant steel structure plant construction effect steel structure factories of steel structure factories

Improvement of the key structure of the structure of the plant: Penal stitching steel columns, building steel beams, enhanced steel columns, connecting sub -structures, correcting the structural errors of the main project, installing the lifting beam (optional), enhanced the partition (optional), and applying fire prevention materials. The error of the main project of the steel structure plant shall meet the requirements and design schemes, and the initial and tightening of high -intensity bolts shall meet the requirements.

2. The secondary structure installation of the steel structure plant: the flat house wall steel bars, the support point of the flat house surface wall, and the wing support point.

3. Installation of color steel roofs and thermal insulation layers of steel structures: first paved Benefits-OF-LIGHT-STEEL-Residential-System Warm layer, and then Install color steel roofs (some engineering projects need to lay a layer of steel wire mesh under the thermal insulation layer to avoid falling off the thermal insulation layer, the key is the insulation level). The key to the roof is waterproof. Therefore, the billboard should be overlapped with the wooden board, nail the wooden board, and the replenishment should be full and dissatisfied. Plug the replenishment should be wiped. Do not damage the surface coating and prevent corrosion.

4. Maintenance and installation of the wall surface of the steel structure plant: the key installation of the wall insulation layer and plate wall. The key to the wall is a beautiful and generous problem and waterproof problems in the window area. There are also questions about whether there is an error in installation. For example, the bottom should be flat, all plane maps should be flat, and the flatness errors between the board should meet the regulations.


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