Installation process of the enclosure structure window and door of the steel structure plant

Installation process of the enclosure structure window and door of the steel structure plant: In recent years, the amount of stainless steel plates in my country has continued to increase, and the rapid development of steel frame structures has risen. As a part of the steel frame structure, the light steel structure is widely used in many large and medium -sized factories, exhibition centers, sports venues, and even airports with its different advantages. trend. The expansion of the application of the steel frame structure, but the water seepage condition is gradually widely, the key depends on the reinforcement of the flat house panel to connect the advantages and disadvantages. Market research reflects that most of the steel frame structures in my country have become quality defects at this stage. Below, the structure of Yongyi Steel Hrging will interpret everyone in detail for the steel structure plant enclosure structure and the installation process of the window door:

1. Preparation for installation:

Institutional employee learning and training related Installation engineering drawings and related installation construction technology, according to the design plan of the construction plan, do a good job of the safety protection of the house building on the spot and the significant labeling of the cables over the work scope.

2. Precise positioning and precise measurement:

The civil engineering team must show the following materials to the installation team:

① Basic concrete model Line label, design elevation measurement point ④ Each basic center line offset ⑤ Each basic design elevation error ⑥ ground foot screw external thread maintenance status.

According to the relevant materials of the civil engineering team, the installation team re -measured the basic level design elevation and central line. The next process can be carried out after compliance with the standard side. And marked the cross line of the horizontal two center lines on the basic surface as a precise positioning standard for the installation of the column.

Third, the component enrollment:

According to the installation of the setting module of the installation module, the component is used to use the car according to the length and net weight. The label, the bundle must be firm, the elongation of both sides and the extension, the binding method, the component and the intermediate protective layer of the component to ensure that the component is not deformation and does not damage the plating layer. In the loading and unloading and lifting work, the galvanized steel wire rope and the component must protect the layer pads in multiple aspects of maintenance.

According to the plane design diagram on the spot, the component is accumulated to a specific part. The component storage venue must be flat and reliable, without water, the bottom layer of the bottom layer without oil staining wooden pillow, and the support points of the steel components of each layer of steel must be on the same segmentation to prevent the steel components from being crushed and deformation. After the component is accumulated, there is a significant identification sign to mark the model specifications, specifications, and total number of components. Two -sir -steel frame structure is used as a module. When installation of the first unit, select it near the gables, and there is a column support point.

Fourth, column installation:

Check the quality of the component before installation. When the deformation and disadvantages deviation, it can be installed after solution. Eliminate the oil stains, fine sand, dust and other dirt before hanging up. In order to clear the length of the column, the manufacturing deviation of the opposite column


At the top of the column, the inferior theoretical design design is 1m cross section, and it is a good logo, which is conducive to the application of a positive column design. In the upper surface of the bottom version of the column, the cross -section cross line according to the column management center. 5. Crane beam installation:

Before the crane beam is installed, solve the beams to conduct inspection, deformation and shortcomings, and it can be installed after solution. Eliminate the oil stains, fine sand, dust and other dirt on the surface of the crane beam. The crane beam is lifted with a piece of hanging. Before the hanging, select the adjustment board, the ground foot bolts, and pull the wind rope on both sides. After the hanging is in place, it should be connected to the beef leg screw immediately, and connect the main beam edge to the middle of the column, and adjust it with a level meter and line. After the requirements are met, the screw is tightened.

6. Installation of flat roof beams:

The whole process of installation of the flat roof beam is: pavement assembly → detection → over the sky. The component is inspected before the pavement assembly. When the component changes and the disadvantages exceed the allowable error, the resolution must be carried out. And check the frictional surface of high -strength bolts. Do not have drilling mud and other dirt. The frictional surface must be flattened and manifested. It is not necessary to work in the rain. When assembling the pavement, use oil -free wooden pillow to pad the components. On both sides of the component, the support point is supported by wooden bars to improve reliability.

It is necessary to check its qualified certificate with high -strength bolts and re -inspect the twist index according to the original production batch number. The design scheme regulations must be considered in length and diameter. The high -strength bolt should be penetrated into the wall of the hole, not forced to knock, and the pores are not performed without oxygen. Putting into the position consistent. The high -strength bolts are tightened from the central government from the central government, and the initial twist and end of the time are twisted. The initial twist should be 50%of the final twist.

Seven. Installation of flat roofing bars and wall bars:

The installation of the flat roofing bar and the wall bars is carried out. Before installation of strip, conduct inspection of the component, and the component variable and the disadvantages exceed the allowable errors. Oil stains on the surface of the component, fine sand and other dirt are cleaned up. The installation of the bar must be distinguished by the model specifications, which must be consistent with the design scheme documentation. The flat roof bar is a group of nearby barbarians, which are hung together and dispersed over the air. After the same cross -installed installation, the test of the tincture is tilted, which must be consistent with the roof slope of the design scheme. The parallelism of the barrier must be manipulated within the allowable error range, and the deviation should be adjusted in multiple aspects. After the wall strips are installed, the flatness, design elevation, and deviation should be adjusted in many ways. After the constructor generates indoor spatial reliability modules, testing the installation error of all modules should be tested, and it should be adjusted first than the allowable error.


其他附注关键有:水准支撑点、推条、制动系统更加、走道板、圈梁、隅撑、龙门架、雨棚、 Step ladder and so on. When installing the installation, the inspection component has deviation deformation and disadvantages. The model specifications should be the same as the design scheme document, and the installation must be carried out according to relevant national standards.

9. Review adjustment, welding welding, paint:

The components are lifted, reviewing and adjusting all the components, after exceeding the standard regulations, carry on the spot welding to the required welding location. The paint is destroyed and carried out.

Ten 1. Color board enrollment:

At the stack of stone pillows on the spot, use a wooden pillow pad, and use a plastic film to bury the foreshadowing. , Sign. Use a heavy -duty machine and use a special colored plate hanging tool to avoid surface paint damage and color board. Do a good job of safety protection countermeasures to avoid non -motorized vehicles on steps and cranes.


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