Steel structure is more or less money per square meter

The three main factors affecting the construction cost of the steel structure plant are the amount of material, the price and construction cost of the material.

According to the steel market, standard factory buildings, there is no way between 150-250, there are 200-300 hanging between 200-300. The overall construction average price is less than 10 meters, and the light steel structure plant is about 650/square meter. 10 meters -12 meters, generally cost around 750-1000/square meter. Normally, the normal price range of a single-layer steel structure plant is between 200 and 1,000 yuan/square meter. The price range is very large. The requirements are related. At the same time, the prices will fluctuate depending on the price and labor price of steel in various regions. The cost budget on the ground is also included. The ground is different from different thickness, generally about 20 to 30 thick. The overall budget can be estimated according to the above indicators. If there are drawings, you can accurately make a budget by Thai University Construction Section.

In addition, general steel structure factories can be optimized by steel structure, which can save 50%of the construction period and cost about 20%. The above price is for reference only, I hope to help you.


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