Do you know these details of these factories?

Basically, the price of the price is the cost of production and processing (800 ~ 1200, according to the overall strength of the manufacturer) of the material expenses (market steel prices) (800 ~ 1200). There are special rust -proof, another cost -effective cost, the color steel plate is calculated at a flat meter, the installation fee is generally 300 ~ 500, and the ground foot bolts are generally given by the construction unit. Each piece of screws or chemical bolts is enough for each piece

The simplest steel structure plant cost of up to 1,000 square meters, it can adhere to 10 years, over 20 years, 20 years, 20 years. The following is the simplest, most cost -effective, fastest way to use 12 14 16 16 or seamless steel pipes as a beam span of 15 to the lowest? What is the light industry, and what is Bao Zheng’s package (some people produce 20 Bao Zheng packaging 80)? The area of \u200b\u200bthe affiliated area must not exceed 20 years in ten years, and there is no doubt how to do the information of the construction of steel structure factories? The industrial and industrial building equipment built by building steel is called the characteristics of the steel frame structure steel structure: the construction time is short, the cost is cheap, easy to use, strong seismic performance, and the convenient saving of removal of movement and use. Because of the expansion of our country’s output, many steel structure factories have begun, and in detail, we can also be lighter and overweight steel structure factories.

How much cost does it cost to build a 50 -meter -high 20 -meter -wide steel structure plant?

When the artificial and equipment costs of the project are very cooker, it can be transformed through the material fee, and the total price of all the cost is calculated according to the material fee.

There are some ways of other ways. Anyway, it depends on many of these expenses composition. my country is standardized.

The construction of the steel structure plant is mainly divided into the following five parts:

1, buried parts, (can stable plant structure)

2. The quality of the steel structure is light, strong, and large.

3. The construction period of the steel structure construction project is relatively short, and the operating cost is correspondingly reduced.

4. Steel structure has strong fire prevention safety and good corrosion resistance.

5. Steel structure building handling is convenient, zero pollution, and good environmental performance.

6. Steel structure construction projects have low investment, cheap and affordable.

7. Steel structure buildings are widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, restaurants, stadiums, large and medium -sized sales markets, leisure and entertainment venues, etc. The owner of the industrial plant of the steel structure engineering refers to the most important load -bearing structure. It is composed of building steel. Including steel wall columns, steel columns, steel structure foundations, door -type steel frames (natural factories have a very large span distance, basically the steel structure roof is now), steel lambout, pay attention to the wall of the steel frame structure, can also be maintained by wall maintenance. maintainance.

What is the price of the light steel structure?

The dry and light steel structure is generally calculated according to the total area or net. How much will it cost?

The structure of the dry and light steel structure is the same as the net weight, which is generally calculated by weight, but the small size is generally based on the construction area (such as temporary facilities used in construction construction, parking in residential communities Sheds, etc.), if the total construction area of \u200b\u200blight steel plants, greenhouses and other total construction area is calculated based on weight, and then converted into a flat area cost. Now teach you an effective method:

] 1. Steel structure processing fee (including the main and sub -structure): 1100 to 1300 yuan/ton (the difficulty coefficient of production and processing of prefabricated components is actually the required machine, equipment, manual, and auxiliary materials to be clear)

[ 123]


3、维护保养构造人工费(板):屋面10元/㎡;板Wall 15 yuan/㎡

4. The price of pressure steel plates is different due to the thickness of the use, the price is different, the single panel is 0.5 thick 40 yuan/m; Insulation board 0.3/0.4) 50 yuan/m,

5. Local steel prices

6. Tax and fees

[ 123]

(1 2 3 4 5 6) ÷ total construction area \u003d unilateral cost

You can adjust the local specific situation (as long as it is your labor fee, you, you labor, Material fee adjustment)

The company has just built an industrial plant in 182 meters, 32 meters wide, and 8.1 meters high. In terms of the civil engineering construction, the cost is close to 300.

Tank Steel:

Cai Steel roof: Ansteel’s (I proposed by Ansteel, although more than 1,000 tons of more than other factories, this ensures that it is stainless for 15 years, and some of the others are rusty in 2 years)

[123 ]

Steel barbarian: Jiangsu Province (Gangbang strip is important, it must be hot -dip galvanized, and the amount of hot -dip galvanized must be 160, otherwise the steel bars are easier to rust)

[ 123]

The king is not the amount of building steel. There is a project construction meter table in the contract book, which is that thing. In addition, there is another that when the artificial and equipment costs of engineering projects, when the material cost is very hidden, it can be transformed, and all the total price of the material fee can be calculated according to the material fee. There are some other ways. Anyway, I look at this proportion of many expenses. In this way, the calculation of the contract is called the cost of the contract, so you can collect it. Essence There are many technical standards, and my country is standardized. If you come to the construction bookstore, you can understand it. Too much and expensive. Do n’t buy it if you do n’t immediately engineering the project. It ’s not cost -effective

The characteristics of the door -type steel structure?

(1) Lightly flat roof can not only reduce the size of the column beam, but also decreases basically.

(2) The large double -slope roof that can be made into a ridge on multiple spans, which creates a standard for long -side slope drainage pipes.

Set the middle column in the middle column to reduce the span of the beam, thereby reducing cost. The column between the columns takes the left and right fastening pillars made of seamless steel, which takes advantage of the small space.

(3) The support of the side steel crickets on the side ensures that the vertical rigid components are saved and the wings width is reduced.

(4) The steel frame structure can adopt cross -section, the cross section is positively correlated with the curve; Wide, ensure that the materials are used.

(5) The abdominal plate of the steel frame structure can be designed according to the effective width, that is, a part of the abdominal plate imbalance can be allowed, and the compressive strength can be used to use its own song flexion. Therefore, compared with the \”Steel Structure Design Specifications\” (GB50017), the abdominal plate is large, which can reduce the thickness of the abdomen.

(6) The vertical load is generally customized manipulating load, but when the wind load is large or the house is large, the effect of wind load cannot be ignored. In the door-type steel frame of the light house, the seismic force is generally not


will have the effect of manipulation.

(7) The support point can be lighter. Put it directly or with a level node board on the abdomen, which can be tightened.

(8) The load -bearing structure can be made at the construction site, and the level of industrialization is high. The prefabricated component module can be planned according to the transportation requirements. The screws are connected at the middle of the module. The installation and use are convenient and rapid, and the amount of civil construction is reduced.

Application field:

Door-type steel frames are generally suitable for the span distance of 9-36m, the span distance is 6m, and the column height is 4.5 -9m, equipped with a single -sided industrial production house or commercial building with a small number of cranes (shopping malls, game entertainment stadium facilities, subway stations, port engineering buildings).


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