Blue Industry Encyclopedia: Part of the steel structure and component characteristics of the factory building

Steel structure The factory is generally a spatial rigid skeleton, which is a variety of support Components such as wall frames. Each component plays a vital role, so let’s take you to know the six components. I hope everyone can be used as a reference to recognize the characteristics of the component of the steel structure plant.

According to their functions, these components can be combined into the following systems:

1, horizontal plane framework -is the basic of a factory building. The load -bearing structure, including pillars and beams (roofs). Responsible levels and vertical loads, and pass on the role of the plant to the foundation.

2. The vertical plane frame -consist of columns, brackets, crane beams and column support. Its role is to ensure the vertical non-deformation of the factory framework

TEN-Installation-Points-OF-Frame-Steel-Structure , rigid, bearing the vertical horizontal load (the vertical brakes of the crane, the vertical wind direction, etc.), and the vertical wind direction) Pass to the basis.

3, the roof system: consisting of crickets, windows, roofs, brackets, supports, etc.

4. The crane beam and brake beam -mainly tolerate the vertical and horizontal load of the crane, and pass the load to the horizontal and vertical framework.

5. Support -including the support of the lid, the column support, and other additional support. Its role is to connect the independent plane frame into a spatial system to ensure the stiffness and stability of the structure, and at the same time, it can withstand the power and crane power.

6. Wall framework -load -bearing wall and wind wall.

In addition, it also includes secondary components such as working platforms, ladders, doors and windows.

The proportion of steel dosage of each component accounted for the total amount of steel structures of the entire plant.


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