How much is the price of steel structure built -in charter charters?

In today’s engineering construction, the steel structure has become popular in the engineering construction industry, which is widely used in large industrial factories, exhibition halls and high -rise housing industries. Today, let’s take a look at the cost of the steel structure plant engineering.

1. What is the steel structure?

The steel structure is a structure composed of steel raw materials, which is mainly one of the types of the structure of the building. The structure is mainly composed of beam steel, steel beams, truss structures and other components made of groove steel and steel, and uses silane, pure manganese phosphate, water cleaning and drying treatment, hot -dip galvanized treatment, etc. Rust -proof process. Welding, screws, or riveting are generally used in the middle of the prefabricated components or components. With its own weight, and the construction of the project is very simple, it is widely used in large factories, exhibition halls, high -rise housing and other industries.

2. The characteristics of the steel structure?

1. The strength of the material is high, the weight is lighter

The strength of the steel is relatively high, and the tension has a high response rate. The ratio of cement soil and wood, the ratio of the hardness and tensile strength is relatively low, so the prefabricated component of the steel structure in the same bearing environment is small, and its own weight is relatively light. The distance is relatively large, relatively high and heavy structure.

2. The ductility of the steel, the plasticity is very good, the material is very well -proportioned, and the structure of the structure is high

suitable for impact power load , Has a good seismic level. The structure inside the steel is well -organized and tends to be the primary quality of the different sex. The working performance of the steel structure will be closer to the theory of computing. Therefore, the steel structure is highly safe and reliable.

3. High degree of mechanization of steel structure manufacturing and assembly

The prefabricated component of the steel structure is conducive to the assembly of the construction and construction site of the construction site. Factory mechanical automation manufacturing steel structural pre -production components are high -precision, high efficiency in manufacturing, faster assembly at the construction site, and shorter construction period. The steel structure is the highest structure of industrialization.

4. Good steel structure sealing performance

Because the welding welding structure can be thoroughly seal, it can be made into sealing and its Water density is very different

Design-OF-STRUCTURE-POULTRY-House good pressure vessels and its large pollution pools, work pressure pipes, etc.

5. The steel structure is resistant to high temperature and non -fire prevention

When the temperature is below 150 ° C, the nature of the steel does not change much. Therefore, the steel structure is more suitable for thermal production workshop, but when the structure surface suffers from about 150 ° C radiation heat, the heat insulation material must be used to ensure. When the temperature conforms to 300 ° C-400 ° C, the strength elastic mold of the steel is significantly reduced, and when the temperature is within 600 ° C, the strength of the steel will tend to zero. In terms of unique fire safety demand buildings, the steel structure must be used to maintain the fire -resistant insulation material for maintenance to improve the fire prevention level.

6. Poor steel structure and corrosion resistance

Especially in the environment of wet and cold and corrosive substances, it is very easy to rust. General steel structures should be anti -rust, hot -dip galvanized or building coatings, and they must be maintained daily. For the structure of the marine platform in the seawater, other measures such as \”zinc block anode protection\” must be selected for corrosion resistance.

7. Low -carbon environmental protection, environmental protection and energy saving, low -carbon environmental protection, can be reused

Disasing of steel structure buildings will basically not cause cities Garbage, steel can be recycled.

3. Steel structure plant price?

Below 10 meters, the industrial plant with a light steel structure is 600/square meter.

10 meters -12 meters, generally at 750 ~ 1000 up and down/square meter engineering cost.

There are different fluctuations at the price of steel in each region.

A single -sided steel structure plant cost is positioned in the middle of 200 ~ 1,000 yuan/square meter. Related.

The above is the relevant content of the relevant common sense of the price of steel structure factories recommended by Xiaobian. The village has also built a steel structure house, but the price of steel structure factories is based on the difference in regional prices. Therefore, everyone is still the standard in their own local area.


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