What does the steel structure plant do?

The so -called steel structure enterprise is mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of building steel structure. Steel parts processing and manufacturing units are industrial units. At present, the main production produced by steel structure manufacturers is: building steel components, ship steel components, squeezing steel plates, color steel plates, cotton plates, room beams, steel skeleton, etc. In fact, there are also mechanical steel structure processing, but these tasks are done in mechanical factories.

What is a steel structure? The steel structure plant mainly refers to the load -bearing component of the main structure. With the continuous growth of my country’s steel production, many factories have begun to adopt steel structure factories. So, what do you know about steel structure plants? Below is the construction step of the main body of the steel structure plant? How about the steel structure plant?

Step construction steps for the main body of the steel structure plant.

First make the foundation, keep the anchor rod, etc., and then install the steel structure. General steel structure components are made in processing plants. Company.

How about the steel structure plant?

Because the low roof is mostly used on the slope roof, the roof structure is basically a triangle made of cold curved steel. After the light steel components are sealed, they are capped again, which is very solid. \” The rib structure system has strong seismic and anti -side force, which is suitable for earthquake resistance areas with more than 8 degrees.

1. Wind resistance

The steel structure has a light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity, and strong deformation ability. The volume of the house itself is only 20 % of the brick -concrete structure. It can resist the hurricane 70 per second and immediately protect the safe real estate.

2. durability

Light steel construction houses must be constructed with cold bending thin -wall steel, and the steel skeleton can use special anti -erosion, high toughness cold rolling Made in galvanized plate manufacturing, a reasonable way to avoid the rust of steel plates in operation and use, and improve the use time of light steel components. Its life life is 100 years.

3. Heating resistance

The polymerized insulation material used is based on glass fiber cotton as the main body, with a long heat -cold -resistant effect. The insulation board used in the wall adds to avoid https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustRyCompleTion-OF-STRUCTURE-Installation-to-the-LarGEST-THREE-WAREHOREHOROROROROROROROROROROROROROROROONAOROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAOAOAAAAOAAAAOAOAAAAAAOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAsedsedationationationationctationctationationctationctationctationctationsctctctctctctctctctationsct way best who who who who who who spot The \”cold bridge\” problem can achieve a better thermal insulation effect. The heat resistance value of the R15 insulation cotton is about 100mm and the thickness is about 1m.

4. Sound sound insulation

The sound insulation effect is an important indicator for measuring the quality of the house. The light steel system windows are used in hollow glass. , The sound insulation effect is above 40 decibels; light steel keel. The wall composed of the heat thermal plaster plate can reach 60 decibels.

5. Health

dry building construction to reduce the pollution of the waste on the environment. Other supporting materials can also be recovered mostly, which is in line with the current awareness of environmental protection; all materials are green building materials to meet the requirements of ecological environment and benefit health.

6. Comfort

This utility model adopts an efficient energy -saving system, has breathing function, can adjust the indoor air dry and humidity; Function can form a flowing air in the inside of the house to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation needs of the roof.

7. Quick

All -dry construction, not affected by the environmental season. A house around 300 square meters can build the entire process from the ground to the paving with 5 people in 30 days.

8. Environmental protection

The raw materials can be used 100%, and the bottom reaches green and non -public.

9. Reduction

All high -quality energy -saving wall surface, thermal insulation aggregation. Has excellent anti -penetration capabilities and reduce emissions by 50%.


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