Completion of steel structure installation project of the largest intelligent three-dimensional warehouse

Many modern chemical plants are actually steel structure warehouses. Due to the advantages of fast construction speed, light weight, good seismic performance and environmental protection, steel structure warehouses have gradually replaced the old reinforced concrete buildings in the planning of industrial plants. Therefore, more consumers are coming for its advantages.

Recently, with the completion of the hoisting and splicing of the last steel beam, the steel structure of the high-density polyethylene three-dimensional warehouse of the solid storage and transportation facilities of the Guangdong petrochemical project of HQC was capped, marking that the main structure of the three warehouses of Guangdong petrochemical polyolefin warehouse was fully capped, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent decoration and electromechanical construction.

Guangdong petrochemical polyolefin packaging plant and warehouse include 2 packaging plants and 3 automated three-dimensional warehouses, which are mainly used to store polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, full density polyethylene and other solid particle finished products. The steel structures of the three warehouses are assembled on site by means of high-strength bolt connection. The main body of the steel structure of a single warehouse is 83m wide and 35m high, with a total construction area of more than 35000 square meters, a total of 68400 cargo spaces, and can store about 100000 tons of polyolefin products. It is by far the largest intelligent three-dimensional packaging warehouse under construction in Asia’s petroleum and petrochemical industry, and also the first set of polyolefin products intelligent three-dimensional warehouse of PetroChina.

The project was started on July 29 and capped on December 7. It took 130 days, using more than 480 crane shifts and more than 130 on-site construction personnel every day. At the beginning of the construction, it was the summer in the south. When there was no rain, there was a high temperature heat wave, accompanied by a typhoon when there was rain. However, the large span, high location, frequent hoisting and many high-altitude operations of the steel structure greatly increased the site safety risk. In view of the urgent construction period of polyolefin warehouse sub projects and the severe situation of safety control, the polyolefin warehouse sub project department gives full play to the advantages of the “total score” integrated management mode, adopts grid management and zoning responsibility system to control the overall site construction, and synchronously promote the warehouse steel structure construction process at multiple points. In order to overcome the difficulties such as high labor intensity in construction, difficulty in human resource organization during epidemic period, frequent abnormal weather, etc., the polyolefin warehouse sub project department gradually follows up, repeatedly modifies and adjusts the construction scheme in real time in combination with the actual situation on site, and jointly formulates the measures for expediting the construction period of steel structure installation, so as to ensure the safety of high-altitude operation, installation quality and process control through prior assessment, strict process management and quality inspection. At the same time, the sub project department insists on checking the potential risks of the construction face every day, and continuously strengthens the resource investment.

During the construction period, the sub project Department of polyolefin warehouse set up a “Party member shock team”, and Party members and cadres always stayed at the construction site of the sub project, adhering to the core values of HQC “integrity, diligence, pragmatism, innovation and the pursuit of excellence”, and taking practical actions as a good benchmark. At the same time, the sub project department also held a “decisive battle 3.30” mobilization meeting, and carried out a series of labor competitions to boost energy, improve morale and accelerate the progress of the site.

At present, the “steel tendon and iron skeleton” of the polyolefin warehouse sub project has been built. The next step will be to comprehensively enter the construction stage of indoor plastering, fine decoration, outdoor curtain wall, metal roof and various functional disciplines.

No matter what kind of steel structure building it is, the drawings are the foundation of the project construction. During the steel structure processing, it is necessary to arrange the professionals of the construction unit to strictly review the drawings, check the problems in the drawings and solve them, so as to reduce the impact of the drawing problems on the project quality during the construction. The steel structure building has a construction layout plan at each stage. In this process, the quality standards and skill requirements are different. Each sub project should implement the processing work to ensure the quality.

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