Second -hand steel structure plant can save a lot of resource time for society

The advantages of second -hand steel structure factories should be said, which are mainly reflected in the aspects of price, quality, and construction period. We must care about the price. The price of the second -hand steel structure plant should really be the prosperous line. The small side encountered a lot of customers to say the first sentence to ask the price, and the second sentence began to sigh: similar to the new.

What are the benefits of buying a second -hand steel structure plant?

In fact, the first thing ordinary customers think of is the price of new H -shaped steel or steel plate. In fact, these are raw materials and will be processed into waste. Our second -hand steel structure plant is scrap iron, so this metaphor is wrong. In fact, compared with scrap steel, the construction cost of the second-hand steel structure plant is 1/3-1/2, which is actually very affordable and the price advantage is obvious.

The advantages of the second -hand steel structure plant and how the enterprise purchases. Secondly, we are concerned about quality management. Many of our steel structure materials have been bidd and demolished through bidding. Many of them have been demolished by large enterprises due to poor management or poor urban planning. At the beginning of the construction of houses, these factories were designed and recognized by the government. The steel structure factories we have dismantled for ordinary education are not more than 10 years, and the service life of the steel structure is 70-80 years. Therefore, the quality of these data will not directly affect the secondary sales of the enterprise.

Of course, investment participation does not want to get a return as soon as possible, so the speed of the building is very important, but the use of second -hand steel structure plants can save a lot of resource time for society. The overall process is like this. Demolition, ordinary 10,000 square meters of plant demolition construction can be arranged for one week. Customers can do the foundation, 15 days can complete the demolition work. At the same time, the relevant data can also be simultaneously pulled to the on -site environmental layout device. Report/feedback

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