How to choose a steel skeleton light plate in the steel structure plant

Speaking of the light -like plate of the steel skeleton, I believe that many friends will not be unfamiliar. It is a plate that we often see in steel structure buildings. Like many large stadiums and corporate buildings, steel structures will be used. Compared with the traditional type of building structure, the steel structure has stronger toughness and better seismic resistance, and the number of steel structure layers is more than concrete, which not only increases the building area, but also saves costs.

The steel structure plant is widely used, suitable for large -scale buildings, such as factories, warehouses, office buildings, and so on.

Steel structure plant building is simple, Shi What-after-STRUCTURE-Work-AD-Frame-Structshop The construction cycle is short. The component can only be assembled at the scene.

The steel structure plant is superior to earthquake resistance. Because the steel structure is a flexible structure with a lighter weight, the earthquake force that the buildings with the same defense intensity and the same venue have a small seismic force, and the earthquake disasters have also weakened accordingly.

Many steel structure roof panels used in many steel structure buildings, also known as steel skeleton light plates, and steel skeleton light plates are a prefabricated roof panel. The burden of building decreases, and then the prefabricated board is faster and simpler than the paddling board.

The light plate of the steel skeleton is 60kg of weight per square meter, and the core material is compounded by foam cement.

The steel skeleton is lightweight and load -bearing, and the load -bearing capacity meets the requirements of national norms.

The anti -refractory limit of the steel skeleton light plate is greater than 2 hours.

The light plate of the steel skeleton is made of inorganic material, which is not easy to aging, and the service life is more than 50 years.

The steel skeleton light plate anti -freezing cycle is more than 100 times, and the moisture -proof test items have reached standards.

The roof panels and flooring are carried by hanging welding. Compared with the casting concrete method of more than 8 times, the wall plate is assembled and welded, which is more than 5 times faster than the block wall.

Steel skeleton light board can combine each project to customize the production of steel skeleton light alien boards.

The steel skeleton light roof floor panel and the floor are all used in a hanging welding method, which is more than 8 times faster than the casting concrete. The above is to shorten the construction period and save project costs.


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