What are the non -destructive detection methods of steel structure engineering?

Non -destructive testing is a common technology in the industry. The lossless detection is a method of testing the surface and internal quality of the inspection parts without damaging the working state or raw materials. It is a common method to ensure. Due to the different components, the non -destructive detection method used is also different. Let’s take a look at the following introduction.

Ultrasonic exploring: Using ultrasonic energy to penetrate the depths of the metal material, when entering another section from one cross -section, the characteristics of reflection on the edge of the interface to check the defects of the parts. When the ultrasonic beam is transmitted from the surface of the part from the surface of the part to the metal, the defects and the bottom surface of the part have produced a reflex wave, forming a pulse waveform on the fluorescent screen. Based on these pulse waveforms, the position and size of the defect can be judged.

X -ray detection (X -ray, γ -ray): Use ray to penetrate the internal objects of the engineering internal objects to find a method of detecting the internal defects of the object.

Magnetic powder detection method is a detection method for detecting the surface and near surface defects to detect the surface and near surface defects. When the workpiece is magnetized, if there is defects on the surface of the workpiece, due to the increased magnetic resistance at the defect, the magnetic field will be generated and the local magnetic field will be formed. The magnetic powder will show the shape and position of the defect here. Of-STRUCTURE-PLANT-ENGINEERING and judge the existence of defects.

You can roughly understand from the above explanations that the various non -destructive detection methods commonly used in such steel structure engineering have good application effects in the quality of detection engineering. The application of this method can not only ensure the progress of the project, but also improve the quality of steel structure engineering.

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