Fully attach great importance to the adverse effects of thermal expansion and contraction system of steel structure factories.

1. Design reason.

1. The roof drainage system did not set up overflow measures in accordance with specifications. When the heavy rain intensity exceeds the discharge capacity of the rainwater system, it will exceed the seams and even overflow the roof, causing an accident.

2. The design of color steel pan -water accessories is unreasonable and cannot achieve waterproof effect.

3. The number of water drop pipes is insufficient, and the flowing distance of the rain along the sky ditch is long, causing water leakage; the L on the outside of the wall has not increased, causing the trench leakage hazard.

4. To set defense cannot meet the needs of the grassroots deformation, temperature difference deformation, dry shrinkage, and vibration.

5. Standardize the deformation control value of the component, the deflection of the band L/180, the roof beam deflection L/180 (type L in the type L is the span of the bending component), and the cutting section of the roof strip is too small. If the spacing is too large, the bars and pressure plates will deform too much under wind load.

6. The slope of the roof of the door -type rigid -type house can be 1/8 ~ 1/20, the larger value of the rainwater area can be used, and the slope of the south roof is not less than 5%. In the actual design engineering, many roof slopes are small, and rainwater on the roof cannot be discharged into the gap in time.

7. The canopy design has water phenomenon, which leads to the canbar.

2. Improper selection of materials:

1. The rainwater pipe uses plastic pipes with poor strength.

2. Due to the thin steel plate ditch, the weld is prone to problems.

3. The enclosure part of the color board is too thin. After using it for a period of time, the outer board is corroded or deformed by temperature, and the gap increases.

4. The appropriate lighting board and roof color board are not selected according to the slope of the factory building. The peak value is small, and the horizontal overlap is too much Ten-Installation-Points-OF-Frame-Steel-Structure less, which is not conducive to drainage.

5. The quality of the self -attack screw pad is poor, easy to crack, and glass sealing glue is easy to aging.

6. The galvanized layer of the pressure plate substrate is poor in quality, the coating is too thin, the service life is short, and it is easy to corrode damage.

7. The gusset deformation is obvious, and the two adjacent boards are high. Different spacing; waterproof pulling nails can be used for gushing nails.

Third, structural measures.

1. The impact of blocked on the wind caused by the wind and cannot be ignored. For example, the plugs of the color steel plate and the roof cover are installed in place. The lower part of the plug between the lighting board and the roof cover should be strengthened. The peak end of the color steel plate at the roof wind machine must be set to strengthen the waterproof.

2. The hydrophobic should not be blocked, and the inside of the steel plate is generally applied.

3. The gap is easily affected by temperature and needs to leave enough length.

4. Pay full attention to the adverse effects of thermal expansion and contraction of the roof enclosure system, and take reasonable structural measures.

4. During the use process.

1. Randomly increase the load on the roof bar, leading to the deformation of the roof of the steel structure plant.

2. Sealing and waterproof glue lack necessary maintenance during use.

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