Steel structure Factory panel and insulation layer installation

How to construct, process: The room itself has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, strong pressure resistance, and short construction cycle. At present, many places in my country have many large, diverse and complex and civilian buildings. As a new building model, the steel structure plant sweeps the traditional architectural model with a strong attitude. The emergence of steel structure standard factories is very large for some manufacturers. For example, the seismic performance of the steel structure standard plant and the open space meet the needs of the plant. Specific construction process:

1. The main structural hanging of the steel structure plant: ground stitching steel beam, steel columns, steel beam hanging, connecting sub -structure, corrected main structure deviation, installation of lifting a lifting Beam (optional), hanging mezzanine (optional), coating fire coating. The main structure deviation of the steel structure plant shall meet the specifications and design requirements, and the initial termination of the high -intensity bolt shall meet the requirements.

2. Secondary structure installation of steel structure plant: roof wall bars, roof wall support, wing edge support, etc.

3. Installation of the roof panel and thermal insulation layer: first laid the thermal insulation layer, and then install the roof panel (some projects are still laid the wire mesh under the thermal insulation layer to prevent the thermal insulation layer from falling off, mainly depending on the thermal insulation layer level). The roof is mainly waterproof. Therefore, it is necessary to overlap the billboard with the wooden board, the nail plate, the glue should be full but not satisfied, the glue should be cleaned, the coating of the plate surface should not be damaged, and the corrosion should be prevented.

4. Maintenance installation of the steel structure plant itself: The main installation wall insulation layer and wall plate. The walls are mainly beautiful and waterproof in the window area. There is also the problem of determining whether the installation is deviated. For example, the bottom should be flat, the entire plane should be flat, and the flatness deviation between the board and the plate must meet the requirements.

5. Details structure of the steel structure standard factory: It is mainly some decoration installations, such as the corner, corner, wall plate and brick walls between the roof and the wall. The detail structure is a link of beauty engineering and one of the main components, so horizontal, plane and vertical are basic.

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