The cooling treatment of the steel structure plant requires the right medicine

The cooling treatment requires the right medicine. First of all, find out the factors that affect the temperature of the house, pay attention to the treatment of one -sided problems, and then choose the appropriate method to deal with relatively unnecessary factors to achieve a good indoor environment. https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustrywhat-then-the-adjantages-sayless-SUNLIGHT-CANOPY

I. The factory builds the temperature and cools down.

The insulation film of the steel structure plant can isolate most sun radiation and conduction heat, reducing the indoor greenhouse effect. Then greatly reduce the temperature of the factory and improve the environment of steel structure factories.

There are two commonly used methods: covering insulation cotton on the top of the steel structure plant. The insulation cotton used on the roof is generally glass wool, with a thickness of 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm, and the density is 10kg/m. The equipment can generally be reduced by 5-8 ° C, and the construction process is messy. If the old factory building is made of insulation, the original roof is needed, the wire mesh is pulled, and a glass wool is laid on the wire mesh. Spray high -efficiency insulation reflex coatings on the roof panel. This product has excellent thermal insulation function. Steel structures can be applied to metal, concrete, gray walls, wooden structure surfaces, asbestos, plastic, glass fiber reinforcement, rubber and other surfaces. The thickness of the coating is 0.25mm, and the effect is equivalent to the effect of 10cm-15cm glass wool. It can reflect 99.5%infrared, 92.5%visible light, high sound insulation effect of 68%, and uniform sound insulation effect of more than 50%. Fire -fire A -level, completely non -burning. Non -toxic safety, long -term durability, and the aging of the service materials of more than 15 test projects.

2. Ventilation and cooling of the steel structure plant.

Because some machines generated heat and water vapor, assuming that these thermal and water vapor did not discharge in time, it would accumulate in the plant, and the temperature increase of the steel structure plant would affect the environment of the steel structure plant. The method of dealing with these problems is to ensure the fair ventilation of the factory, and the equipment appropriate ventilation system. The fair exhaust system equipment will significantly improve the air environment of the steel structure plant and greatly reduce the temperature of the steel structure plant. Device roof no dynamic ventilation is a ventilation device based on air -to -flow principle. When the outdoor air environment is different, air activity occurs, and then clean the indoor exhaust gas and heat. Its advantage is that it does not require additional electricity and is more environmentally friendly. However, the environment is very dependent and cannot force the exhaust. Products mainly include turbine ventilations, stripe ventilations (lighting belt ventilation), roof ventilation, etc. Steel structure plant equipment roof forced exhaust motor fan is a ventilation equipment driven by electricity. Its exhaust effect is good and can adapt to the ventilation of any environment.

Third, the steel structure plant is forced to cool down.

Forced cooling refers to the use of water -cooled cooling air, and the cold air is transported to the room through a strong exhaust fan. It can keep the indoor temperature of the steel structure plant at a quiet temperature at 26-30 ° C. Its power consumption is equivalent to 1/8 of the air conditioner. The cost is the 1/2 of the air conditioner, which is a good way for the factory to cool down.

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