What are the main parts of the steel structure plant?

The construction of the steel structure plant is mainly composed of four parts: basic embedded parts, steel columns and steel beams, wall roofs, and steel tiles. The following is the general role of these components:

1. Basic embedded parts, generally buried in the ground, mainly used to fix steel beams, which can play a role in stabilizing the main structure of the steel structure plant.

2. Steel columns and steel beams are the main load -bearing components of the plant, which mainly undertake the vertical load of the entire steel structure. Its role is to withstand the steel structure plant from the outside world and the workshop driving load to ensure the vertical direction of the steel structure plant skeleton. Unchanged, bearing longitudinal pressure.

3. Wall roof. It mainly assumes the horizontal load from the outside of the plant. On the one hand, it forms a longitudinal structure with steel columns and steel beams, providing horizontal traction; on the other hand, the independent plane structure is connected into the overall structure of space, providing the longitudinal rigidity, integrity and stability necessary for the plant. The lid structure of the plant plays a vital role in the stability of the entire structure.

4. Steel lid mainly inherit the vertical load outside the plant. In addition to covering the wind and rain for the factory, its main role is to undertake and transmit horizontal loads to ensure the structure Construction-Technology-OF-Large-SPACE-SLUCTURE-SLIDING-Method . Essence


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