Steel structure plant cost composition

What are the costs of the steel structure plant?

Most of the factory buildings of many small and medium -sized manufacturing enterprises are used to use steel structure factories, which are more than traditional engineering construction plants. The level needs to be far better than the traditional Chinese building factories, and the recycling of steel structure factories has great practical significance in environmental protection. The main reason is that the high cost performance of steel structure factories has obtained many companies from many companies. Yes, what are the costs of the steel structure plant? Several points that harm the price of steel structure engineering construction plant, let’s take a look.

1. The height of the engineering building, according to actual needs, every 10cm of more than 10cm is to increase the cost of three to three %.

2. Is there a tonnage of a crane, and the selection of tonnage of the crane is also a major important. The tonnage selected is too large, which will cause the machine consumption. Too small and cannot meet the necessary engineering construction.

3. The construct of the siege, I said that the real cost should be considered, doors, windows, walls.

4. The types of design principles in the urban factory building, the time of engineering construction, the main useful factors.

5. Total construction area size. This is the most substantial harm. The amount of steel required for large area must be large, and the cost of the steel structure plant is also high. Depending on its range size, it is naturally closely related to the structure customized in the factory.

6. The structure span length of the steel frame, generally the more span, the lower the cost. Naturally, span is based on its own layout. The design is different, the span is different, and the demand for natural span is also large Advantages-Andvantages-OF-LIGHT-STRUCTURE-House [123 ] The difference.

7. The amount of steel required, the cost of the steel structure plant has a greater impact or steel volume. The amount of steel can be calculated through an effective design scheme to control the cost.

In the end, the cost of process is also one of the factors that determine the cost of steel structure plant. Steel structure plant system is a design, installation and basic construction of steel as a heavy pillar beam building with steel as the engineering building, and the structural difficulty factor of the steel structure plant, and the production process it uses may affect the cost of the steel structure plant.

The current market conditions are not easy to estimate the price level, so it is necessary to strictly make various types of cost fees. If it causes a lot of losses, the cost of steel structure factories will naturally be much easier.


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