What should I do about the reinforcement and reconstruction of the steel structure

What should I do about the reinforcement and reinforcement of the steel structure

With the continuous improvement of the utilization rate of the steel structure plant, its advantages are continuously verified, but everything will be there. Disadvantages, such as structural planning, construction, inappropriate application, structural strength, stiffness, or stability, the application requirements, material quality does not meet national standards, durability and corrosiveness, and also bring many risks to steel structure plants. The accumulation of Thai baht is likely to damage the main body of the structure and even seriously threatens people’s lives and property. At this time, reinforcement and transformation are very important. Let us understand what standards should be followed by steel structure factories.

We should do this reinforcement and reconstruction of steel structure factories

1. If the steel structure plant is in the application process, the reinforcement project is It may not hinder normal production and application, non -stop production, and stop production. Because once production is discontinued, economic losses may be several times or even dozens of times of reinforcement costs.

2. If the judgment results of the overall strength, stiffness, stability of the structure show that the reliability of the structure is no longer met the normal application requirements, it needs to be reinforced immediately. The scale and specific measures of the steel bars should be combined with the judgment results and the application requirements of the reinforcement. The steel structure company responsible for construction needs to negotiate with the owner to determine the specific plan. At the same time, the size of the steel bars can be the overall structure or a specific area or part. The safety level after reinforcement depends on three

SOME-SUGGESTIONS-BUILDING-STRUCTURE-WAREHOUSE : The importance of structure, severity of damage and normal application.

3. Whether the production can be stopped during the construction of the reinforced bars mainly depends on the stress strain of the steel structure in the steel bars. If the stress strain of the component is less than the planned intensity of the steel used, and the component damage deformation is not obvious, the construction method that is not stopped with load can be used.

We should do this reinforcement and reconstruction of steel structure factories

4. Bolt or welding, check the cross bearing capacity, weld and welding structure bearing capacity of the cross -section bearing capacity of high -intensity bolts during the construction process.

5. The reinforcement planning plan of the steel structure plant must not only meet the requirements of structural application, but also strictly combine the actual construction method, take appropriate measures, and fully consider the construction site conditions. The additional deformation, on the other hand, ensure the reliable and effective connection of the new section or component with the original structure, making the two a whole.

6. Structural damage caused by special reasons such as cold, crispy, high temperature, and uneven foundation of the foundation, corresponding treatment measures should be taken according to the cause of damage to determine the feasibility before reinforcement.

7. It should be noted that corresponding preventive measures should be taken before reinforcement construction to avoid risk accidents during construction.

We should do this reinforcement and transformation of steel structure factories

The purpose of the reinforcement of steel structure plant is to make it better for the people. Therefore, steel structure manufacturers need to strictly abide by the reinforcement standards during the construction process. At the same time, users should pay more attention to and maintain future applications.


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