Some suggestions on building steel structure warehouse

Many people think it is easy to build a steel structure warehouse, but Datong steel structure company wants to tell you that a steel structure warehouse that has passed the formal design does not need to doubt its structural stability. There have been special tests conducted by experts. Steel structure warehouses and concrete reinforcement plants of the same scale are more earthquake resistant, especially steel structure warehouses over 60 meters long are equipped with roof horizontal support and column support, There are more crane beams and stronger materials. If you are still worried that the steel structure warehouse is not stable enough, it is your lack of professional knowledge. Then follow me to find out whether the stability of the steel structure warehouse is reliable or not.

The stability of the steel structure warehouse depends on the steel structure frame system and the horizontal support system. The horizontal support is divided into the column support and the roof horizontal support. We can tell you responsibly that generally, the steel structure warehouses we see are equipped with the support systems that constitute the space stable structure, including the rigid tie rod, the horizontal support, the column support and the vertical support. The column support can be divided into the upper column support and the lower column support, In the portal steel structure warehouse, cross round steel is also used as the inter column support and roof support. If round steel is used, tension bolts should be set. In this way, the supported round steel should be tensioned during construction. The included angle between round steel and components is set between 30-60 degrees, and the most appropriate is close to 45 degrees.

It can make the steel structure warehouse stable and reliable, and the horizontal support is indispensable

Roof support and inter column support should be in the same column beam frame, which can increase the integrity of the plant, which will make the plant structure form a space geometry invariant system. The transverse support of the roof should be set in the first or second bay of the beam network, and the first corresponding Bay should be set with rigid tie rod. When the height of the steel frame column is larger than the distance between the columns, the inter column support can be set in layers. If there is an overhead crane of more than 5T in the steel structure warehouse, the support between columns should be shaped steel support, and the spacing of the support should be determined according to the longitudinal column spacing, stress conditions and installation conditions of the steel structure warehouse. If there is no crane in the plant, the spacing of the support between columns should be 30-45m. If there is a crane in the plant, the support between columns should be set in the middle of the length, and the spacing should not exceed 60m, When the width of the plant is greater than 60m, the column support of the main inner row should be appropriately increased.

Many modern chemical plants are actually steel structure warehouses. Due to the advantages of fast construction speed, light weight, good seismic performance and environmental protection, steel structure warehouses have gradually replaced old-fashioned reinforced concrete buildings in the planning of industrial plants, so more consumers come for its advantages. Here are some suggestions on building steel structure warehouses:

cost calculation

There are a lot of materials added to the steel structure. If you want to select the added layer of the steel structure, you should carefully calculate all aspects, consider the cost of the added layer in the steel structure, and clearly calculate the complete cost, so that we can better analyze the cost. The calculation cost should be based on the actual consumption, not various estimates, so the calculated cost must be different.

material comparison

There are also differences in the overall performance of the covering fabrics of the built steel structure warehouse. Before making a choice, we should carefully compare and observe the differences of each material, as well as the differences between specific performance and price, and then make corresponding choices. After careful comparison, the overall selection will be easier.

Master Plan

If it is determined to increase the steel structure, the overall planning and control must be carried out. The plan must be changed and improved before the steel structure is processed, which can reduce many problems caused by changes in the middle of the construction. Professional steel structure processing companies will do some specific planning work. First, they have rich experience and can avoid many problems. Second, they are a team, and each link will be considered.

No matter what kind of steel structure building it is, the drawings are the foundation of the project construction. During the steel structure processing, it is necessary to arrange the professionals of the construction unit to strictly review the drawings, check the problems in the drawings and solve them, so as to reduce the impact of the drawing problems on the project quality during the construction. The steel structure building has a construction layout plan at each stage. In this process, the quality standards and skill requirements are different. Each sub project should implement the processing work to ensure the quality.

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