What is the service life of prefabricated houses?

Prefabricated slab houses are almost absent from the newly-built buildings. Prefabricated houses, for example, were built in the 1970s and 1980s. It has been decades since then. It is estimated that now we have also found such a phenomenon, that is, many areas have gradually begun to dismantle prefabricated houses. From another aspect, it explains the problems of the use and safety of prefabricated slab houses. So many friends are considering the service life of prefabricated houses. Like many friends who may still live in prefabricated houses, they will certainly worry about this problem. So how many years is the service life of prefabricated houses? In this article, the household Zatan will answer the question of the service life of prefabricated plank houses.

(1) : how many years is the service life of prefabricated slab house?

It is estimated that no one can give a direct answer about the service life of prefabricated slab houses. It can be said that there are no specifications and some relevant data that can accurately indicate the service life of prefabricated houses. This is different from our new buildings. For example, the service life of the newly-built reinforced concrete commercial houses is generally 70 years or 50 years, while the prefabricated slab houses do not have this data requirement. There is no data requirement, which does not mean that the service life of prefabricated slab houses is unlimited. As for the service life of prefabricated slab houses, I think it is generally the following four cases.

① The prefabricated slab houses are of qualified quality and can be used for about 30 to 40 years without any external force interference, and the long ones can also be used for 40 to 50 years. In other words, if the quality of our prefabricated houses is very good. For example, there are no cracks in precast slabs and walls. In addition, during the period of living, there was no invasion of any external force, such as the impact of the earthquake, the impact of the strong wind, and the immersion of the flood. Under these circumstances, the prefabricated houses in our family can indeed live for decades, and there is no problem.

② The quality of prefabricated slab houses is poor. If there are material quality problems and installation quality problems, they may only live for more than ten years. It is estimated that there are many prefabricated houses for this customer. For example, many self built houses in rural areas used prefabricated floors. You will find that after living in this house for more than ten years, you will find that there are many cracks in the roof, especially along the joint between the wall and the roof. This shows that there are serious problems in the quality of prefabricated houses. In fact, in this case, corresponding measures should be taken to deal with it, and it is impossible to continue living. So for this point, you can check it.

③ . after being affected by external forces, the service life of prefabricated slab houses shall be determined according to the specific conditions. The prefabricated slab houses mentioned here are affected by natural disasters after they are affected by external forces. For example, prefabricated buildings exist after the earthquake, or prefabricated buildings exist after being affected by strong winds. For example, our prefabricated slab house encountered an earthquake, and there was a large area of cracking. Although it did not collapse, the prefabricated slab house could not live at this time. Therefore, we should judge the time limit of prefabricated houses at this time by the specific state of prefabricated houses.

④ The living years of prefabricated slab houses are also affected by another situation, that is, the height of floors. For example, the prefabricated slab houses we built in the past are probably mainly bungalows, so bungalows here can generally live for decades. Of course, the premise is that they are not affected by external forces. However, if the prefabricated house in our home is a two-story building or a three-story building, we must pay attention to it at this time. Like a three story prefabricated house, problems will occur after living for more than ten years. Therefore, when the height of prefabricated slab house is more than 4m, we need to pay attention to it. For example, after living for ten years, we should carefully check to see if there are corresponding problems and reinforce them in time.

(2) : what factors affect the service life of prefabricated houses?

In fact, there are many reasons for the different service life of prefabricated houses. All these reasons lead to problems in the quality of prefabricated houses. Eventually, we cannot live normally. Therefore, for prefabricated slab houses, we need to understand the specific influencing factors from the following five points. After making clear these influencing factors, if we have prefabricated houses at home, we can also strengthen them from these factors. The specific factors affecting the service life of prefabricated slab houses mainly include the following five points.

① . affected by the foundation. It can be said that the quality problems of most prefabricated slab houses in the later stage are caused by the problems of the foundation. For example, in our traditional rural building, we basically do not consider the foundation, but directly open a trench on the ground to build the wall as the wall foundation, and finally complete the construction of self built houses. In this case, the foundation is very poor. When the stress of the foundation does not meet the requirements, the stress deviation of our self built house will occur, and the final problem is the wall cracking. The wall may be separated from the precast slab after cracking, and the most serious result is the collapse of the precast house.

② The serious cracking caused by uneven settlement of precast slab houses is an important factor that seriously affects the service life of precast slab houses. In fact, the most important element that leads to the uneven settlement of houses is the foundation. For example, new commercial houses now have foundations. Whether our pile drivers or other types of foundations ensure that the gravity of the whole building can be evenly transmitted to the earth. In fact, our self built houses are very poor in this respect. If the soil of the self built house has problems again, the uneven settlement of the self built house in the later stage is very serious, and the final result is the cracking of the prefabricated slab house.

③ The material causes the cracking of precast slab house. In fact, I believe many friends are deeply aware of this. For example, we used precast slabs for building our own house. After the precast slabs were transported to our home, we found that many precast slabs were broken from the middle. This is a very serious material quality problem. You can imagine that the precast slab was found broken from the middle before it was installed on our roof. After the installation, its fracture degree will increase. As the service life increases, it may be disconnected directly. Therefore, such fractured materials can not be used, but many self built houses are still used.

④ . the service life of self built houses decreased due to construction. I believe many friends have seen the installation of prefabricated floor slabs of self built houses. The prefabricated floor slabs are transported to our roof by mechanical or manual means. In the process of transportation, many reasons may lead to the fracture of these precast floors. However, we had to make great efforts to transport a prefabricated floor slab to the roof. At this time, most of the broken prefabricated floors are still in use. Therefore, the continuous use of prefabricated floor slabs has a serious impact on our service life.

⑤ The service life of precast slab buildings decreased due to construction technology. The so-called construction technology here refers to our building technology. The most basic requirement for building is to control the size accurately. However, for the construction of prefabricated slab house, we will find that there are errors after installing the prefabricated slab on the roof. For example, the simplest point is that there is an error between the precast slab and the wall. If the error is too large, it will seriously affect the stress of the precast slab. What’s more, the precast slab is not effectively fixed after it is placed on the wall.

Concluding remarks

As for the service life of prefabricated slab houses, it is indeed impossible to give a specific number directly. You can learn about the current situation, that is, prefabricated houses in many areas have started to have problems one after another. You can calculate how long it has taken from the beginning of construction to the present, and you will know the longest service life. Another point is that precast slab houses will be affected by various factors and have many problems. Finally, I would like to remind you that when we build our own houses, we must stop using precast slabs as our floors. Because this kind of material has indeed been eliminated and is not suitable for floor slab, we must pay attention to this.

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