What are the factors that affect the price of steel structure?

1. The deepening design, manufacturing, transportation and STEEL-Structure-Building-Has-Gradually-BECOME-the-development-Trend device.

2. The material cost, manufacturing costs, transportation costs, device costs, on -site construction management costs, solution profit and tax taxes of the Hebei projectThe cost of scaffolding.

3. General forms of contractor, component, packaging machinery, contracting period, packaging quality, packaging, packaging safety, and taxation.

4. The effect of raw materials floating.

5. Cost, fire prevention costs, etc.

6. Area of location.

7. The size and height of the construction volume, the position and height of the construction.

As long as regular enterprises need to understand these, there is a preliminary budget. The more detailed data must be professional engineers to investigate and understand the actual situation of the project before calculating it.For customers’ peace of mind, peace of mind.

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