Introduction to the construction method and precautions of steel structure fireproof coatings

The coatings can be divided into indoor fireproof coatings and outdoor steel structural fire painting according to the construction environment; they can be divided into ultra -thin steel structural fire coatings, thin coating steel structural fire coatings, thick coating steel structure fire coatings according to thickness.

According to the construction environment and thickness, steel structure fireproof coatings can be divided into indoor ultra -thin steel structure fire paint, outdoor ultra -thin steel structural fire paint, indoor thin coating steel structure fire prevention fire prevention Coatings, outdoor thin coating steel structure fire coatings, indoor thick coating steel structural fire coatings, outdoor thick coating steel structure fireproof coatings.

Construction methods for fireproof coatings:

1. Waiting for cleaning and polishing, fire -resistant coating construction can be performed after the outer surface is boring.

2. The construction method should be used for spraying, brushing and other methods. When used, it should be mixed and uniform. When the coating is slightly thicker, it can be diluted with an appropriate amount of tap water. It is advisable to spray convenience.

3. During the process and before the coating is not dry, waterproof, impenetrable sun, prevent pollution, anti -movement, anti -bending, and repair it in time if damaged.

4. , Water stains and other dirt. The coating must be mixed and uniform before coating. When the coating is too thick, you can add a small amount of water to dilute; the coating method of painting, spraying and roller coating can be used. Apply coating at least twice. The coating requires intact, non -leakage, uniform appearance, and common color. The thickness of the coating must not be lower than 0.3mm, so as not to affect the fire prevention effect.

Precautions for steel structural fireproof coatings:

Before the construction, the water content of the combustible substrate It should not exceed 12%. The construction environment should adhere to air circulation, but the dust must be prevented from flying, and the reference dosage must be 0.5kg/㎡.

Packaging and transportation of steel structural fireproof coatings:

1. /bucket.

2. The storage temperature of the product should be adhered to between 5 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, and it is stored in ventilated and boring warehouses to prevent direct sunlight and rain. source.

3. When transporting the product, it should prevent sun exposure, rain, and prevent damage, dumping, and overflowing.

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