Seven precautions for the string assembly and welding on the steel structure in the construction of the steel structure

1. Put it https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustRoduction-to-the-site-parttruction-part-constructor-canopy The vertical pole of the string is viewed. Is the vertical orientation and scale correct?

2. Make the vertical and horizontal rods and welded balls of the upper string of the string of the string in the right place. The method of adjusting the oblique abdominal rod is that it can be cut too long, or the viewpoint of the oblique rod can be pulled open by the inverted chain, so that the rod is correct. Ensure the correct scale of the string grid.

3. Adjust the gaps of each part. After the gaps are basically qualified, then click the string rod.

4. After the upper string rod is fixed, then click the welded seam of the string ball and the slash rod to make it firm.

5. Gradually view the grid scale and gradually advance. The device of the string rod on the grid of the grid should cooperate with each other.

6. After the ground device of the grid frame is completed, it should be tested according to the overall scale of the bar or block of the device grid.

7. The grid to be suspended must be completed, the appearance quality of the weld, and the weld ultrasonic detection report is qualified before hanging.

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